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Chandra is an animal friend of Nadia. According to Nadia, she's an old friend, an excellent tracker and she also has a preternatural intuition not unlike her companion. She lives on the palace grounds, flying around in the garden and roosting in Nadia's contemplation tower. Nadia has a deep understanding with Chandra, but has forgotten how to communicate with her the way she has in the past.


Nadia's Route

The apprentice can meet Chandra properly in Nadia's route, and befriend her by giving her favourite treat. In the scene, Chandra allows them to pet her feathers and brings them a miniature bronze toy. Nadia tells the apprentice of her love for tinckering and the many toys she has made for Chandra, the aforementioned owl toy being her favorite. Afterwards, Chandra helps Nadia track down the secret writer of her sister's invitation to the masquerade, going as far as retrieving the letter from Portia's cottage thereby proving her guilt.

Asra's Route

In Asra's route, Chandra is seen briefly when she notices him and the apprentice entering the palace garden, where she flies to Nadia to warn her of their arrival.