The Arcana (game) Wiki

Characters of the Arcana Game, interactive visual story and mobile dating sim created by Nix Hydra.

Main Characters

Asra portrait(1).png Nadia portrait(1).png Julian portrait(1).png
Asra, your teacher in magic. Nadia, the countess of Vesuvia. Julian, the fugitive doctor.
Muriel portrait.png Portia portrait.png Lucio portrait.png
Muriel, the mysterious outsider. Portia, the chatty handmaiden. Lucio, the deceased count.

The Courtiers

Valerius portrait.png Vlastomil portrait.png Vulgora portrait.png
Valerius, the consul with a fondness for drama and wine. Vlastomil, a worm genius by his own words. Vulgora, a warmonger and gladiator fights enthusiast.
Volta portrait.png Valdemar portrait.png
Volta, the hungry procurator in charge of the сity's food. Valdemar, the head physcian of the palace.

Nadia's family

Nasrin portrait.png Namar portrait.png
Nasrin, queen of Prakra and Nadia's mother. Namar, royal consort and Nadia's father.
Nafizah portrait.png Nazali portrait.png Navra portrait.png
Nafizah, the eldest of Nadia's sisters. Nazali, the second eldest of Nadia's siblings. Navra, the third of Nadia's sisters.
Nahara portrait.png Nasmira portrait(1).png Natiqa portrait.png
Nahara, the fourth of Nadia's sisters. Nasmira, the fifth of Nadia's sisters. Natiqa, the second youngest of Satrinava sisters.


Faust portrait.png Chandra portrait.png Malak portrait.png
Faust, Asra's familiar. Chandra, Nadia's owl companion. Malak, the friendly neighbourhood raven.
Inanna portrait.png Pepi portrait.png Mm portrait.png
Inanna, Muriel's wolf companion. Pepi, Portia's house cat. Mercedes and Melchior, the faithful palace guard dogs.
Camio icon.png Jaeger icon.png Snarents portrait.png
Camio, Lucio's obnoxious pet. Jæger, Morga's falconry bird. Chimes and Flamel, Aisha and Salim's familiars.
Red beetles well.png
Red Beetles, the mysterious inter-planar insects.

Major Arcana

Magician portrait.png The High Priestess portrait.png
The Magician, the first of the 22 major Arcana. The High Priestess, the second of the 22 major Arcana.
The hierophant portrait.png The hermit portrait.png The Hanged Man portrait.png
The Hierophant, the fifth of the 22 major Arcana. The Hermit, the ninth of the 22 major Arcana. The Hanged Man, the twelfth of the 22 major Arcana.
The devil portrait.png The star portrait.png Scout portrait.png
The Devil, the fifteenth of the 22 major Arcana. The Star, the seventeenth of the 22 major Arcana. Scout, the guide of the Arcana realms.

Side Characters

Mazelinka portrait.png Morga portrait.png Tasya portrait.png
Mazelinka, an old lady who often takes care of Julian. Morga, clan leader and mother of Lucio. Tasya, baroness Devorack, aunt of Julian and Portia.
Asra's mom portrait.png Asra's dad portrait.png Khamgalai icon.png
Aisha, former palace magician and mother of Asra. Salim, former palace magician and father of Asra. Khamgalai, one of Muriel's tribe members.