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The longer I exist, the less I seem to know. Especially about humans.
~ Death

Death is the thirteenth of the 22 major Arcana. They first appear in Book XIX - The Sun, in Julian's route.


As Death is greatly weakened due to Valdemar sapping their power from them, they no longer have a physical form. However, the apprentice has the option to see them as Malak or as Pepi, depending on the player's choices.

It is assumed that much like the other Arcana, their proper form resembles a horse similar to the image on the Death card of Asra's deck.


Since they are one of the major Arcana, they are an archetype, a form of pure and ancient energy in the human subconscious. Their archetype is welcoming of change.

Death thinks humans are curious creatures and they have never fully understood them. They say that "the longer [they] exist, the less [they] seem to know. Especially about humans." Still, they respect humans and try to make accommodations for them.

They are very willing to help, and are quite friendly. They try to put Julian and the apprentice at ease by choosing a physical form they are familiar with, as they think the two would prefer to talk to someone with a physical form. They also offer Julian and the apprentice time to relax, telling them that while they're in their realm, no time will pass elsewhere, and give them the option to spend time in a place of their choice.

The Devil approached Death with his plan to merge the Arcana realm and human realm, creating a world where nothing changes, and nothing ends. The idea goes against Death's nature of change, and they told the Devil they could not abide such a plan.

Since Death opposed him, the Devil used Valdemar, who had a strong connection to Death, to push them aside. As Valdemar grew stronger with every deal they made with the Devil, Death grew weaker. Eventually, they lost the ability to take physical shape at all. They are still unable to return to their proper form, even after the apprentice broke some of the bonds the Devil had over Valdemar.

They give helpful advice to the apprentice and Julian, urging them to work together with people they have strong connections with, and wish the two luck on their plan to defeat the Devil.


Death can take many forms, just as other Arcana such as The Magician and The Devil have done. They can also change what their realm looks and feels like. Their realm has taken shape of the apprentice's magic shop full of snow, a hot desert-like place similar to Nopal, the Rowdy Raven, Portia's cottage, and even a specific boat Julian said he wished to own one day.