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~ Faust

Faust is Asra's familiar. She's a friendly and sneaky snake who enjoys being pet and is very fond of Asra and the Apprentice.


During Asra's route it is revealed that Faust can communicate telepathically with people who have a strong bond with her, although she's only able to "speak" using one-word sentences.


  • Faust shares zodiac sign and birth date with Asra.
  • She is based on a ball python snake species.
  • Her favourite meal is a fuzzy rat with fresh water and she likes any flowers that are good for hiding in.
  • If Faust was human she would sound like Danny Devito.
  • She's the best kisser in the game.
  • Her favourite things are water, squeezing, and Asra.
  • Her morph is Perfect Lavender Baby Angel™.