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Inanna is the wolf companion of Muriel. She helps him tracking things should the need arise. Muriel is protective of Inanna, and Inanna of him, but both are too elusive to see each other often. She is very intelligent, and seems to harbour almost motherly feelings toward her big friend.


Muriel's Route

The apprentice meet Inanna in the start of the route when she is seeking help for Muriel. From the get go she demonstrates them her goodwill by allowing herself to be petted, even asks for it. Throughout the route she accompanies Muriel, Morga and the apprentice in their long journey to the south in the hunt for Lucio, and befriends Morga's companion Jæger.

Julian's Route

Inanna is first introduced in Book IX. She's brought into Muriel's hut bundled up in Muriel's cloak after being injured hunting Lucio's phantom. She seems most agitated by the apprentice, snarling at them and nearly attempting to bite them as they try to calm her. Julian heals her using his mark's abilities after being allowed to by Muriel. Through the healing process, she keeps still, allowing him to examine her wounds and even lets him pet her.

Nadia's Route

She appears in Book IX, though the appearance is brief. She is being seen lounging by the fire in a pile of furs when Nadia and the apprentice first enter Muriel's hut. She leaves shortly after, trotting out of the hut into the storm beyond.