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Book VI: The Lovers

1. Red in the Water

You have the day to yourself on account of the Countess's headaches. After you spend hours in the library at Julian's desk, you hear a commotion outside of the window, so you leave to find what's happening. You observe an argument between Portia and a cockatoo, who once belonged to Count Lucio because it will not allow her to enter her work shed. Portia sets her cat Pepi on the bird, effectively chasing it away. Portia chats with you about Nadia and Julian at her cottage while she works in her garden. After speaking with her, you wander through the grounds until you come across a strange sight. A red stream is spilling from a neglected wing of the palace, causing rot and decay in the earth around it. You follow the stream until it turns into an aqueduct that flows directly into the city. You continue to follow it, realizing that the poisoned water is running into the city's water supply. A moment later, you see Julian, who has just emerged from a nearby tavern.

2. A Gift and A Curse

You speak with Julian beside the aqueduct, and he assures you that the water is no longer poisonous. In fact, he is almost morose because of the plague's end. He remarks, "Who needs a plague doctor if there's no plague?" and throws his mask into the aqueduct. Suddenly, a raven lands on your shoulder, warning you of approaching guards. In your haste to flee, you fall into the aqueduct and are bitten by a vampire eel. Though Julian manages to save you, your bite is draining your life away by the second. Julian heals your wound. Though by doing so, he takes on the wound himself. He explains that it is a "curse" from Asra, but he assures you that the wound will heal on its own. You're interrupted by the guards once more and must flee. You may choose to enter a forbidden garden or continue running. If you choose to enter the garden, you come across a ruined and abandoned courtyard, filled with a beautiful (but poisonous) flower called deadly starstrand. No matter what you choose, you will end up at the home of Mazelinka, laying low for the night.

3. Laying Low

You and Julian climb through the window of a small home that is owned by one of Julian's old friends, Mazelinka. Mazelinka appears to be a magic user, or at least a practiced herbalist, and she helps Julian recover from his wound. While she is out collecting ingredients, you have the opportunity to speak with Julian about the murder. He admits that he does not remember whether or not he committed the deed and that he returned to the city to find the truth. When Mazelinka returns, Julian heads to bed, and you have the option of either watching Mazelinka's brew or helping Julian go to bed. If you choose to keep an eye on Julian, the two of you can choose to have a rather intimate encounter which is interrupted by Mazelinka. Whether or not you spent time with Julian, Mazelinka will ask you if you would like to spend the night with him or in the cubby below, and you head to bed for the night.

Book VII: The Chariot

1. Nightmares

You have just woken up in Mazelinka's house. As you sit down, you can hear that Julian is having a nightmare. You hear a loud thud and rush to Julian's aid. When Julian looks at you, he seems embarrassed. You help Julian out from the sheets he had brought down with him.

He said his dream was silly. Afterwards, he asks if you believe in forgiveness. He tells you about the time he kidnapped a pregnant war elephant, changing the subject quickly, and you drift off to sleep. You wake up once more and both Mazelinka and Julian appear to be gone. But Julian appears and says that you two need to talk while he takes you to the market and other places to complete the shopping list that Mazelinka left for the two of you.

As Julian starts to broach the subject that he wants to talk about, the Leech Collector interrupts. Afterwards, when you two are walking among the crowd, a dog passes you and Julian, tripping you in the process.

You are about to hit something until Julian breaks your fall. The apples from the cart hit you both, and Julian blocks the collapsing cart from hitting you. Julian helps you up and dusts you off. He pays for the fallen apples and gives them to the crowd.

He says that he'll make it up to you, and takes you to another place, supposedly a tea house.

2 . Behind the Scenes

Julian brings you to the area of the tea house, an old favorite spot of his. He once again states that you need to talk, and you get the feeling that it's nothing good. He escorts you past the large iron gate to the spot of the tea house. While inside, Julian dramatically peers around every corner to make sure that the two of you aren't seen. Eventually, it is revealed that the tea house is no longer a tea house, but Julian states that it still has the same cozy feeling that it did before.

Julian finds a plague doctor's mask that has an uncanny resemblance to the one that he had previously thrown into the river. However, he quickly deduces that it's not a real doctor's mask and guesses that it is, instead, a mere statement piece. Here, you are given the option to ask Julian if he wants to try it on. In the alternative option that doesn't require coins, you ask Julian if he can hear voices.

Julian does, in fact, hear the voices as well; although, he notes that they sound exaggerated and comical, saying, with a grin on his face, "It sounds like someone's faking it." He then takes your hand in his to investigate the source of the sound.

You discover that the old tea house is now a community theater, and they're performing a satire of Lucio's death on the day of the Masquerade. Julian, in the faux doctor's mask, says that the actor portraying Lucio sounds just like the late Count. You observe that even after his death, making fun of Lucio is popular in this part of town.

Suddenly, a sandbag drops between you and Julian as the curtains start to close. Julian's boot gets snagged by a moving rope, taking Julian with. Next thing you know, Julian is hanging upside-down over the actor portraying Lucio. He knocks a knife free from his boot and proceeds to sever the rope, resulting in him crashing down right into the lap of the actor.

Dramatic man that he is, Julian just roles with the role he's suddenly been cast in. "Lucio" and Julian engage in a fight until finally, he "kills" the Count. This excites the crowd but seems to disturb Julian. Finally, the scene is done and Julian makes his dramatic exit offstage.

You exit the theater as your heart pounds in your chest until Julian stumbles out as well. He then suggests that the two of you go to The Raven to get dinner and informs you that it will be his treat. You agree, hoping to find out what's been on Julian's mind all day.

3 . Dock Talk

After your dinner, Julian brings you to the docks to finally talk. He states once more that the two of you need to talk and have needed to talk all day, but he was enjoying himself too much to actually have this talk. You also enjoyed your day, despite it being a rather unconventional sort of trip. Throughout your day, you have learned that the people of the town have been covering for Julian, but he believes that doing so is putting them in danger. And he now comes to the topic that he's been meaning to talk to you about all day.

Julian says that he is a disaster waiting to happen and that he doesn't want that disaster to happen to you, too. The two of you sit at the edge of the docks together, leaning against one another. He points to an island on the horizon called the Lazaret and tells you that it's where the city sent their infected people during the worst of the plague. Julian, an angsty man, calls it a perfect monument to his failures.

He tries to break up your relationship before it's even really begun because he's afraid of hurting you. You notice that none of the reasons that he gives for breaking things off have anything to do with your relationship. You have no idea how he really feels about you.

At this point, you have the option to ask Julian if he wants you. Julian's cheeks immediately turn bright red until he collects himself enough to start dancing around the question. Eventually, he admits his feelings for you, saying that even though you've only had a short time together, he feels like he's known you for years. He quickly turns back to his martyr complex, arguing that a life with him could only end in tragedy for you. But Julian shows his soft side once again by imagining the kind of life that the two of you could have together.

If you don't choose that option, you state that you'll leave, much to Julian's surprise even though that is exactly what he has been trying to convince you to do.

Julian walks you back to the shop and kisses your cheek before he, as per usual, makes a dramatic exit. Asra welcomes you home but immediately recognizes that all is not well with you and invites you upstairs to talk. You confide in Asra about everything that's happened with Julian. Asra replies, "The only thing he loves more than drama is his own suffering. And he's determined to chase both." He reminds you to be careful, getting a dark look in his eyes whenever he talks about Ilya (Julian). You give the deck of cards back to Asra, still thinking about Julian.

Book VIII: Strength

1. Salty Bitters

Portia comes to find you at your shop to talk about Ilya. She says that she doesn't want her brother hanged and asks if you want the same. You are still hurt, but you ask her if she knows where he could be. She leads the way, and the two head to an inn called The Rowdy Raven where you find Julian. He looks awful, and there are five empty glasses on his table.

You and Portia go to confront him. He didn't expect you to be there, but he's glad that you are, even if he's rather ashamed of his behavior last night. After he tries to avoid talking and invites you to have some Salty Bitters, which he actually finds rather disgusting, you and Portia convince him to stop drinking and start investigating in order to remember if he murdered Lucio.

You come up with a plan to sneak into the palace with Julian in disguise. In order to disguise him, you use a spell that makes him look and sound like Asra. Julian is unconformable in Asra's body, but you figured that you wouldn't pique anybody's suspicion if it appeared like you were walking around with your master. The three of you leave to start your investigation at the palace.

2. Master of Disguise

Portia is surprised to find that the palace is unguarded. You head straight to Lucio's wing, and you hear some strange sounds coming from Lucio's chamber. There, you find Nadia with some servants who are cleaning up the mess and the ashes in Lucio's room. Nadia is surprised to see Asra there, but she is glad to meet him. Julian seems to be incredibly nervous, but he manages to pretend to be Asra.

When Nadia becomes suspicious, you try to distract her to pull her attention away from Julian. The spell you cast on Julian will start to fade soon, so you want to leave Lucio's room as soon as possible. You tell Nadia that you'll be in the doctor's library to work on investigating the murder. The pair of you arrive at the library just in time for the spell to wear off, making Julian look like himself again. You begin your research, and Julian seems to know exactly where to look and what to search for. He takes a key with a red stone in its eye from his desk.

He still feels ashamed about hurting you and wants to know if you're mad. If you choose to tell him that you're not, he'll call you too forgiving, but you know that he has punished himself enough already. You are interrupted by a conversation between a nervous Portia and Nadia, who wants to enter the library. Portia tries her best to stop her from entering. Julian doesn't want to drag you down with him if the two of you are found, so he tells you to hide and run while he's arrested. But there are no hiding spots, and you are not leaving him. Not again.

3. Halcyon Nights

You manage to convince Julian that the two of you are in this together, both Julian and yourself manage to squeeze behind a bookcase to hide. But it's not enough. You remember about a spell that Asra taught you that will open a small portal, but it's a spell that needs time. The door opens, but Nadia is stopped by the real Asra, asking if she was looking for him. Neither you nor Julian can believe that Asra has just saved you.

You escape through the portal and reach the gardens. Portia finds you, and she takes both of you to her cottage. There, she prepares a soup for her brother that is just like their grandma used to make. Julian seems to love what Portia has managed to do during all of those years without him. He would love to have what she has. You encourage him and suggest that you three could simply run away and become pirates. Julian is amused and reveals that he was a pirate back in the days. Pepi seems to love Julian, and you are all having a good time.

But Julian is determined to find out the truth about his past and because of this, he feels like he cannot simply run away. With tears in her eyes, Portia says that he always sabotages their chances to live together in peace and runs inside. Now you and Julian are alone, and he finally understands that you won't abandon him. He's not used to being helped, but he promises that he won't try to push you away again. Julian kisses you, and it's a moment that both of you wish could last for forever. But you are still close to the palace, so you head to the forest for cover.

Book IX: The Hermit

1. Helping Hands

The apprentice joins Nadia and Asra for breakfast at the palace.  They had a late night before, seeing Julian to the palace gate.  Asra asks the apprentice to meet him at the fountain.  There, they have a conversation about Julian.  When Asra realizes the apprentice is determined to keep looking for answers, he tells them to seek out the Scourge of the South at the Coliseum.  The apprentice goes to Mazelinka’s house to meet Julian.  She tells them Julian is much happier when the protagonist is around.  You have the option of asking what he says about the apprentice (50 gold) or saying nothing.  Julian and the apprentice go to the Coliseum.  Julian explains that there is an illegal Red Market operating underneath the abandoned structure.  Julian, attempting to show off, fails to find the secret entrance.  The protagonist locates it, using their ability to sense magic.  They head down into the market.

2. Celebrity Gossip

You and Julian travel down to a secret marketplace to find Scourge. When you finally arrive, you pull him to the shadows to avoid being seen by the others at the marketplace. You cast a spell on him that makes him unnoticed in the sea of people. You and Julian finally make it to the Memory Dealer, and they bring you into their shop.

The Memory Dealer stops you at a deep well-like place and tells you to look inside. Looking inside of the well causes a memory to play. In that memory, you can see what looks like Muriel being booed. There, Scourge (Muriel) is accompanied by Count Lucio. Lucio referred to Scourge as "his champion" in the memory reel.

Shortly after, Lucio asks for them to boo more. When such is done, Scourge is to cease someone with his ax. He carried out that task with ease. After the heinous and gruesome scene, you mention that you wouldn't like to see it again as it may have slightly scarred you. Afterwards, the Memory Dealer tries to sell you two artifacts supposedly from Scourge himself. You and Julian both point out that the first two are fake. In the end, he sells a real artifact from Scourge himself; a brush of some sort with a few fibers of hair. Julian hands over fake pirate money and rushes you out of the Coliseum before the Dealer can take action.

3. Lost and Found

You and Julian make it into the forest. When there, you let your magic lead you. Where it leads you is a house. The door is bigger than Julian himself. Once you get inside, Julian warms you up with a fur coat he had found nearby.

Julian is about to kiss you once again when the door is kicked open. Scourge finally reveals himself. He asks who you are and why the two of you are in his home. Scourge is accompanied by his companion, Inanna.

Julian tries to help Inanna because Inanna has been, but Scourge rejects his offer. Scourge shields the wolf and protects her all while seeming both stubborn and aloof. Moments later, you mention that Asra sent you and Julian to Scourge's aid. This statement helps Scourge soften up.

Julian is finally able to help Inanna with her injuries. He uses the "curse" that Asra put upon him and heals Inanna. Scourge checks on her eagerly. He becomes content with Julian's doings, hesitantly thanking Julian. You, Julian, and Scourge begin to talk.

Scourge reveals that he doesn't do what he used to do, and thus renamed himself. He tells you that he now goes by Muriel. Muriel wonders how you found him, which leads you to reveal the brush that you obtained.

Muriel tosses the brush into a nearby fire angrily. You are forced to go outside with him to collect firewood. Out in the rain, you watch him silently until he carries the logs inside. The three of you continue to converse until Muriel begins talking about the fire that killed (Count) Lucio.

During this moment, Julian's innocence is proven. The room was already on fire when Muriel let Julian out of the dungeon where he was working on a cure. Muriel left after Julian ran into the burning room.

Julian then rips off his eyepatch, revealing the eye that he hides underneath. His has a red sclera.

Book X: Wheel of Fortune

1. A Hairy Situation

You make your way to Portia's shed to meet with her and Julian. Portia has prepared a disguise for Julian (he is to pose as " Ian" your temp assistant for the day) to help you and Julian explore the palace undetected while in search for the entrance to the dungeon. Julian calls for you to help him dress up and you are given the option to do so or refuse.

While exploring the palace, Julian activates a secret passage, separating him from you and Portia. You both begin your search for him and find him in the company of Nadia's sisters who have come for the masquerade. After pulling Julian away from entertaining the princesses, you hear Nadia approaching. Portia goes to distract her while you and Julian escape to a nearby magic portal and you emerge in the abandoned wing of the palace where Count Lucio's room is located.

2. Rock Bottom

You explore the wing and end up in the Count's room. After hearing suspicious noises, you both agree to exit the wing. However, before exiting, you hear two of the courtiers calling out for Lucio from outside his room.

You hide Julian and open the door to find Pontifex Vulgora and Procurator Volta standing outside. Vulgora insists to be let in but was stopped by Volta who pleads for them to leave and eat food instead. Vulgora and Volta leave after Vulgora threatens you not to tell anyone about them being in the Count's abandoned wing. The incident reminds Julian of his old boss; Quaestor Valdemar, which leads to him remembering where the passage to the underground dungeon is.

You rush towards the library and come across Portia who opens the door for you. Julian hurries to a bookshelf, pulling several books to reveal a secret entrance to the dungeon.

Inside the passage is an elevator which can only be opened by Julian using the key he has found from his desk. He enters the elevator and the metal gates close behind him. Before descending you get the option whether to reassure him or kiss him, he admits that he wants to have a future with you and the only way to do that is to face whatever is down there.

3. Digging Deeper

Some time pass while you wait for Julian to come back up. Portia emerges from the library worried about her brother. You comfort her and she decides to go back to her shed to see if Julian somehow managed to get there instead.

As you make your way out of the palace, she offers to tell you a story from their childhood and you are given the option to listen to it or refuse.

You come across Nadia while going through the garden and she asks you about the progress of your investigation. You are given the option to tell her about seeing the courtiers in Lucio's abandoned wing, tell her about the involvement of magic or tell her that Julian is innocent. However, if you choose to tell her about Julian's innocence, you will find that you have forgotten how you came across this information due to Muriel's curse.

In the middle of your conversation with Nadia, Julian suddenly appears. He looks at you with relief and then proceeds to regard both you and Portia as strangers so as not to raise Nadia's suspicion. He addresses Nadia and once again claims to have murdered the Count.

Book XI: Justice

1. Right from Wrong

You and Portia discuss how to save Julian.  You go to try to convince Nadia that Julian is innocent while Portia works on plan B: helping Julian escape.  Nadia informs you that Julian will have a trial by jury, and that you will be able to plea his case.  She tells you that you can visit him at the Coliseum.

You find Julian pacing and muttering to himself.  He is less than helpful, so you decide to visit the dungeons to discover whatever it is he found that inspired him to falsely confess to murder.  Julian is horrified about this plan, and asks you to wait.  You have the option of hearing him out (paid), or immediately returning to the castle.

In the palace library, you try to locate the entrance to the dungeon.  Quaestor Valdemar conveniently (and creepily) arrives to let you in.

2. Pursuit of Knowledge

Valdemar unlocks the lift for you, allowing you access to the dungeons.  They offer to provide you with safety gear, but for themself, they remove the mask they normally wear to improve their enjoyment of the foul air.  Valdemar shows you the tables where plague victims were vivisected, and the pit of red beetles where the bodies where thrown.  They also allow you access to Julian’s old office.  There, you feel a magical tug.  You can follow the memory (paid option), or leave it alone.  You find the mark of Julian’s curse on the wall, and on the cover of a book.  In the book, Julian has drawn a picture of the Hanged Man from the Tarot deck.  You realize he has the answers to this mystery.  You take the book, and head to the Coliseum for the trial.

3. Dueling Prosecutors

Nadia announces to the crowd at the Coliseum that you, as her head investigator, will present what you have found, and then they will decide whether or not Julian is guilty.  Praetor Vlastomil presides as judge.  You begin by questioning Quaestor Valdemar, who reveals that Julian was locked inside his office the night of the murder.  Julian interjects and asks to make a statement.  He declares himself guilty.  You present evidence of Julian’s innocence, and Nadia points out that the fire that burned the Count was magical in origin.  Julian fights your efforts to save him at every turn, maintaining that he is guilty.

When Vlastomil asks the people to vote, they are  deadlocked.  Vlastomil calls a recess.  Nadia apologizes to you; the trial is not going as she envisioned.  You have a chance to speak with Julian in his cell.  You can also choose to bring Mazelinka (paid option).  Julian reassures you that pretending to be guilty is part of a larger plan.  When the trial resumes, Vlastomil breaks the jury's tie, declaring Julian guilty.  The crowd erupts in chaos.  You are determined to save Julian, and decide to go talk to Asra.

Book XII: The Hanged Man

1. Full House

After the trial, you race back to the shop, hoping Asra can help you save Julian from execution.  Portia and Mazelinka are already there, along with Malak the raven. You show Asra the book you found in Julian’s office.  Asra has a hunch about what Julian’s plan might be, and suggests that you and he go question him.  Portia and Mazelinka will keep working on plan B, to rescue him.

When you reach the palace, Julian is reluctantly serving as Nadia’s dinner guest.  He tries to leave when he sees Asra, forgetting he is handcuffed to the chair.  He dodges questions about why he pretended to be guilty, but under the combined might of you, Nadia, and Asra, he agrees to talk.  Julian says the plague is coming back.  On the night of Lucio’s death, Julian found a cure from a vision with a raven-headed man, but he cannot remember it.  You immediately realize Julian is talking about the Hanged Man of the tarot deck.  Julian’s plan is to approach the border of life and death to retrieve the knowledge of the cure from the hanged man, trusting in his magic mark to bring him back to life.  Julian remarks off-hand that Asra should know how the mark works, since he gave it to Julian.  Asra, surprised, says he didn’t give Julian the mark.  Its source is a mystery.

Asra suggests trying an alternate plan before Julian allows himself to be hanged: Asra can send Julian and you directly to the Hanged Man’s realm, using himself as an anchor.  While Asra prepares for the ritual in the garden, you and Julian have a moment alone.  You have the option of searching for somewhere private to talk (75 gold) or conversing in the palace hallway.  You meet Asra in the garden, who has prepared for the ritual.  He attaches a mystical safety line to your wrist, so you can signal him if you encounter danger in the Hanged Man’s realm.  You close your eyes, and the world falls away.

2. When to Fold

You find yourself underwater, Julian thrashing nearby.  You pull him to the surface, and realize you have entered the Hanged Man’s realm.  Once you stand up, the water is only waist deep, not nearly enough for you to have been completely submerged.  Things work differently here.  You wade through the water, surrounded by mangrove trees and bubbles of what appear to be suspended time.  Julian thinks he sees a short-cut, which you can follow (250 gold) or not. You spy the Hanged Man in the distance, but are trapped in the bog.  You become entangled in trees, and are forced to pull the safety line.  You and Julian awake in the garden, having failed to reach the Hanged Man.

Portia arrives with a set of lockpicks, ready to spirit Julian away to safety.  Nadia enters, and Portia is convinced she has lost her job.  Nadia is not upset, telling Portia that family can be complicated.  Nadia suggests Julian explain his plan to Portia so that she will understand why he is unwilling to flee.  Portia is unimpressed with the plan.  Unfortunately, the hour of the execution has arrived.  You meet Portia and Mazelinka in the crowd in the town square.  On the gallows, Julian makes a speech about how the Count failed Vesuvia.  You make eye contact with him, and the executioner pulls the lever.

Book XIII: Death

1. A Sea Change

After Julian’s hanging, Portia finds you in the crowd to take you back to the palace.  On the way there, you faint.  You find yourself at the boundary between realms, where you can reach out to Julian (paid option), or let him go.  You close your eyes, and when you open them, you are in the Hanged Man’s realm again.  You start walking, but get caught in a tangle of vines and branches that weren’t there a moment ago.  The more you struggle, the tighter they bind you.  

When you stop struggling, the trees start carrying you through the swamp.  They set you down on dry land, next to a clearing, where you see Julian.  You cannot reach or communicate with him.  He is talking with the Hanged Man.  Julian is regaining his memories.  He did go to Lucio’s rooms with the intention of killing him, but didn’t arrive in time; Lucio’s room was already in flames.  Still confused, Julian is struck with another memory: the reason he wanted to kill Lucio is that the Count was the source of the plague.  The Hanged Man confirms that “Lucio’s existence was tied to the existence of the plague.  Wherever he went, it followed.”  Three years ago, the Hanged Man told Julian that the cure for the plague was to kill Lucio.  Julian realizes that his healing mark is the result of a deal he made with the Hanged Man: he gave up memories in exchange for the power to heal.  He also realizes that the return of the plague means Lucio must also be returning.  He asks the Hanged Man if Lucio made a deal with him.  The Hanged Man says the deal was with someone else, and he has told Julian everything he can.

The Hanged Man offers Julian a choice.  He can return to the living realm, which will use up the last power in his healing mark, or he can stay with the Hanged Man and learn from him.  He says the cure will reach those who need it, and winks at you.  Julian is conflicted.  You want to reach out to him, but the Hanged Man signals you to stay silent.  Julian is conflicted, afraid of going back and failing you “again.”  Compounding your confusion, Julian says when he met you, he thought he’d known you before, and he was right.  You were an apprentice at his clinic, but he was so absorbed in his work, he didn’t even know you were sick until it was too late: three years ago, you died of the plague.

Julian announces that he has made his decision, but before you hear what it is, you awake in the palace.  Portia is shaking you.  She is distraught because someone took Julian’s body.  Malak the raven comes to your room, and guides you to the library.  You realize he is heading to the dungeons.  The elevator cage is already open.  You and Portia squeeze in together and head down.  You find Valdemar ready to dissect, or perhaps vivisect Julian. As Julian wakes up, Valdemar expresses interest in seeing if Julian can “fail to die” a third time, but Julian dodges, and gives you an opening to blast Valdemar with your magic.  Portia and Malak chase them out of the dungeon, leaving you with Julian.  He jokingly suggests that you check to make sure he’s alive (paid option), but you can rebuff his advance on the grounds that the murder dungeon is a creepy place for romance.

Julian takes you into his office to talk. As Julian struggles to tell you about your own death, you tell him you already know.  You overheard his conversation with the Hanged Man.  He shows you a report about plague deaths sent to him three years ago, in your handwriting.  He apologizes for failing you, and worries that he will do so again.  You comfort him.  However, both of you wonder how you came back from the dead.  You decide it is time to ask Asra some questions.  You go to look for him, and immediately run into him; he’s been searching for you to let you know that there’s a problem...

Book XIV: Temperance

1. An Uninvited Guest

Once you have encountered Asra, he explains a little more about your death, though he, too, does not remember much. You and Julian tell him a brief summary about your conversation with the Hanged Man, and Asra tells of seeing Lucio in the forest, as a white goat with red eyes. You banter a little bit, before he hands both you and Julian a mask to blend in with the crowd. Both you head out to get your costumes.

You have the choice to change together (175 coins), or change separately. If you change separately, you talk to each other a bit through the thin fabric of the tents. Once back inside, you both try to look for Lucio, but many guests are dressed as white goats. Heading into the ballroom, you meet a winemaker who knows Julian, and they tell you that they heard an unnatural noise. While Julian and they speak, you see a white goat going up the stairs. You have the option to follow the goat or keep listening to the conversation.

If you keep listening, the winemaker tells you something two voices talking about a deal and a thief. A bottler then comes up to your trio, telling you about seeing a ghost in the circus room. In the room, but when you get there, you don't see a ghost. You get the option to check out the circus instead, either fire dancers, a bird cage with acrobats, or a magic show (water sphere). After watching a show, you head out to continue searching, until you find a room of people playing some sort of poker with secrets and stories, where you can join in or watch Julian play. If you join in, the card shark tells you about seeing a ghost in Lucio's wing. The game goes on, and you're about to lose, when Julian cheats and you hear a secret about the last Masquerade. There was a secret dinner in a hidden room, invite-only, for the count and his guests, and that there was a once in a life time offer. You and Julian then leave.

Outside, you head into another room with a banquet table. You both feast on the food for a bit, when a bang begins playing on the stage. You begin to dance with Julian, and he tells you how you are the reason he left the Hanged Man's realm, and how you're his inspiration. Another song begins, and you can choose to dance with Julian again on a table. Later, staff comes through, handing everyone instruments. Julian snags a vielle, and while they play, you hear a voice, and a figure, crouching at the end of the table. It yanks the cloth, and chaos ensues, before the ghostly figured flees through a door. You give chase with Julian, getting lost in the maze.

You come up on the fountain, where you meet Doctor Satrinava, who taught Julian about the plague. More banter, until Valdemar comes to ruin the moment. After they both leave, you feel the trail of Lucio's, which leads you to the center of the maze, where a white goat meets you.