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Khamgalai is one of the last members of the Kokhuri, the tribe that Muriel was born into. She lives in the Steppe where she watches over the graves of their people, who died in the battle against the Scourge.


Khamgalai is a short old woman with long light-grey hair that has a red ribbon braided through it. She has puffy cheeks and deep wrinkles in her face. Her eyes are the same green color as Muriel's.

She wears a brown hat with a fur trim similar to a borik, and a matching fur-lined coat with gold and red patterns.


Khamgalai is very welcoming and friendly. She immediately wraps Muriel into a warm embrace upon recognizing him, invites him and the Apprentice into her home, and offers them glasses of kumis to help revitalize them. She seems to have a natural motherly and personable instinct despite living alone in a secluded area for many years.