Malak is the friendly neighborhood raven in Vesuvia. He follows Julian around and considers himself his personal bodyguard and chaperone. Malak is shown to have a dislike of the palace guards, and will alert anyone around of their approach. Julian is not in tune with his familiar, so while Malak's frantic warnings don't fall on deaf ears, Julian does not understand them, and both wear on each other's last frazzled nerve.



Malak's first appearance is made during Book II at the marketplace, where he will caw out a warning if the apprentice spots Julian in the crowd of people. He next appears in Book V, if the apprentice winds up at the Rowdy Raven with Julian. Malak goes on a racket upon the approach of the guards, alerting the whole bar, what allows the patrons to escape.

Julian's Route

In the beginnig of Julian's route, the apprentice meets Malak briefly when they walk along the aqueducts. If they met before, he will land on their shoulder for a moment before flying away again, otherwise Malak will just fly around them cawing. Malak appears on the ongoing basis throghout the book whether to show his distress after Julian's trial, to track his missing body, or to fuss about Julian's and the aprentice's disembodied state.


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