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Mercedes and Melchior are the faithful hunting dogs who watch over the set of stairs that lead to Lucio's abandoned wing. Lucio, lacking the necessary intuition for magical skill, accumulated a bizarre menagerie of albino animals searching for his own familiar. He never quite noticed how Mercedes and Melchior behaved differently from the rest.

Lucio and the Apprentice seem to be the only ones the dogs are not aggressive towards. They are rowdy, fierce, demanding, and playful, much like their owner. Lucio never bothered to train them and as a result they do as they please.



The apprentice run across Mercedes and Melchior in their usual spot, near the entrance to the abandoned wing, when they first visit the palace. The dogs immediately take a liking to the apprentice, sniffing them in a friendly manner. Portia notes that it's quite unlike them, and warns the apprentice that they can be unpredictable if they attempt to pet them. When she leaves to get the pair their chamomile cakes, they insistently lead the apprentice to their old master's rooms and then promptly disappear.


  • Melchior is the taller of the two, with a chunk of ear missing. Mercedes is the one who bit it off.
  • Their design is based in part on the borzoi dog breed.
  • They seem to be partial to pomegranates.