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I am Morga. That dead idiot you called Lucio was my son.
~ Morga

Morga Eirsdottir is the mother of Lucio, and the clan leader of the southern tribe he hails from. She appears in the first story of Lucio's Tales, "Dawn of the Grub", and gets introduced to the main story in Book VII - The Chariot of Muriel's Route. Her patron arcana is The Chariot.


Morga is a tall, pale-skinned woman with platinum blonde hair. Lucio describes her eyes, that appear to be light grey, as 'colorless'. She wears black face paint down both sides of her face, the marks resembling those of a cheetah's.

She wears a dark brown cape, a brown top, primarily white fur around her shoulders, and a cheetah's pelt around her waist. She also carries a spear.


To her clan, Morga is a true hunter. She's said to have tracked a wounded enemy over six and two thirds mountains, until they couldn't run any further. She is described as being "in it for the kill".

She is very strong-willed, not buying in to Lucio's distractions and even withstanding the illness he brought upon her with intentions of making her weak enough to kill. She compares this same illness that had her husband, Lutz, bedridden the first day he contracted it to a summer cold.

Morga implies that she spoiled Lucio, never making him work hard for a day in his life. Although she questions him and can see through his lies, she is easy on him despite her blunt remarks. During battles she was always protective of him and never let him get hurt, thus making him unable to know what it's like to fight for his life like the rest of the clan. The one thing she refuses to give Lucio is the coronation he wants for his eighteenth birthday because she knows he isn't prepared for it.

It's clear that Lucio is afraid of her, as he sweats, stammers, and his pulse flutters when he thinks he may be caught disobeying her. She has reason to be feared, as she is very capable of killing if she really wanted to, but she lets Lucio run away when she threatens him with her spear, saying she will 'spoil him one last time.'