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You have impressed me, you know. Not many manage such a feat.
~ Nadia

Nadia Satrinava is one of the six available love interests. She is the countess of Vesuvia. Her patron Arcana is The High Priestess.


Nadia has warm brown skin, red eyes, and long purple hair that fades into a cooler violet. She's always dressed elegantly, having various beautiful and detailed outfits. Her main outfit is a dappled, sky blue and purple dress with sheer sleeves and a golden corset. Nadia usually wears her hair up somehow - either in a ponytail or a braid. She wears a variety of gold, jade, and pearl jewelry.


Nadia is initially closed off, seen as imperious, stern, and somewhat demanding when she first requests the Apprentice's help. She often acts in an authoritarian manner, quick to take control of a situation that has gotten out of hand. The apprentice quickly learns that she prefers the truth to soothing lies, and expects honesty from all who work under her. Nadia is nothing if not fair and kind, however. As they get to know her, the Apprentice finds that Nadia is quite courteous, considerate, and forgiving, with a playful streak to boot. She is also very indulgent with those she cares for, willing to give gifts to her friends and acquaintances, saying that they "need only ask".

Her overarching goal beyond capturing the murderer of her late husband is to make Vesuvia a better place for everyone. It is revealed that Nadia married Lucio largely to help improve the city, however, she underestimated Lucio's incompetence and thus feels personally responsible for the city's current state. She wants to fix the city and to prove to Vesuvia and its people that her house hasn't completely abandoned the city. She's angry at and disappointed in the Courtiers for failing to properly help the city in her absence, and especially for allowing Vesuvia's poor to go hungry. She firmly believes that the city should provide for its people, and is sympathetic to their plight.

Nadia is very independent, and has a tendency to work through problems on her own. Although this has made her self-sufficient and capable, she frequently fails to realize that she is not alone. She tends to react poorly when her sisters are brought up, which is revealed to be because she feels as if they don't take her seriously. However, she comes to realize how her sister's support is often invaluable, and that they only want to see her succeed.

Nadia experiences numerous headaches throughout the game, and admits to the Apprentice that she remembers very little of her life with Lucio. She is not fond of people who appear to be "fake" fortune tellers; however, she greatly respects those who are legitimate magicians. She is also very intelligent with machinery, creating various mechanical toys for Chandra as well as the intricate library door and the clock in the Great Hall that keeps track of the phases of the moon.


Early Life

Nadia was born to the ruling family of Prakra, a vast nation to the north of Vesuvia. As the youngest of her six sisters, Nadia felt the need to prove herself early on, feeling as if they treated her "like a fragile doll". As a toddler, Nadia developed a connection to the High Priestess, frequently visiting her in her realm and developing her own gate into the Arcana Realm to do so. Nadia also developed precognitive powers, although she would close herself off to them for some time. Eventually, Nadia left Prakra to escape her sister's shadows. Nine years before the start of the game, Nadia arrived in Vesuvia. She would eventually marry the Count, Lucio, when he proposed to her while both of them were drunk. Nadia intended to use her new position to help improve the city, but underestimated how Lucio's incompetence would block her attempts. As attempting to work beyond him was incredibly trying, Nadia became depressed and frequently shut herself away in her tower. She was married to Lucio for 6 years.

At the Palace

During the height of the Red Plague, Nadia attempted to implement solutions but was roadblocked by Lucio. When the Count himself fell ill, the palace eventually sent out a call for anyone who could offer their services and help find a cure. It was during this time that Nadia met the magician Asra and the doctor Julian. Presumably supportive of their efforts, Nadia also became close friends with the two, celebrating her birthday with them and going on a trip together. Asra notes that they would talk late into the night about everything and anything, although Nadia recalls that she was never able to fully open herself up to them despite wanting to. It's noted by Consul Valerius during her trial in Chapter 3 of Book XI - Justice that Nadia had also been working with Julian on several projects outside of those focused on the plague, such as reworking the aqueducts and improvements for the city in general.

Night of the Masquerade

It is largely unknown what Nadia was doing during the Masquerade, although a flashback shows that she was assisting Asra with something, which Nadia herself later confirms. She was informed of the murder of her husband later in the night. Nadia's last memory is of standing on the bridge to the palace. After this, she fell into a deep, magical slumber which lasted two years. During Nadia's route, the apprentice learns that Nadia was stuck wandering through the realms of the Arcana during this time. If the apprentice romances her, they learn they were the one to cause her to wake up, as they encounter a past Nadia while wandering through the realms themselves, and encourage her to find them when she wakes.

During the time she was asleep, Nadia was visited, at separate times, by her sisters Nahara and Nazali. Nahara came to visit her at the same time Portia first arrived in Vesuvia. Portia started working at the palace a year before Nadia awoke, during which Nazali also visited. As Portia had been assigned to watch over Nadia, Nazali taught her how to better care for her and asked Portia to write when Nadia woke up.

Three-Year Interlude

Nadia woke up from her sleep 3 months before the start of the game, resuming her role as Countess which had been taken care of by the Courtiers in her absence. Nadia was missing several of her memories upon waking, causing her to forget her friendship with Julian and Asra, as well as a large portion of her life with Lucio. She would begin looking for answers regarding her husband's death, a search that would lead her to the Apprentice's doorstep.

Prologue Interactions

Nadia is first met during the beginning of the prologue, knocking on the door of the shop and interrupting a tarot session between Asra and the Apprentice. After Asra has left, the Apprentice can open the door for their visitor or refuse to. If they ignore the visitor, they refuse to leave, and the Apprentice has no choice but to let them inside. The visitor ends up being the Countess Nadia, much to the apprentice’s shock. She asks them to read the cards for her, needing to assure herself of the Apprentice's validity before she gives them her proposal. The apprentice can ask her what she means by 'proposal,' and they can also ask what she means by her 'dreams.' She tells the apprentice she has been suffering from prophetic dreams, and asks them to visit the palace to assist her with something. If the apprentice expresses disbelief, Nadia will claim that it has to be them, as they feature in her dreams. The apprentice leads her into the back room, and pulls “The Magician” card. They conclude that Nadia has a plan she has been waiting to put into motion. When Nadia asks them if she should go through with it, the apprentice tells her she should. After reiterating her summons to the palace, Nadia leaves.

When the apprentice enters the palace the next day with Portia, they are greeted by the chamberlain. If the apprentice stopped for bread, the chamberlain tells them they are late, and that Nadia is irritated. If the apprentice did not stop for bread, they are right on time, and Nadia has not yet descended from her chambers. Either way, Portia guides the apprentice to the dining room. There, they can take note of the painting on the wall. Nadia will arrive (if the apprentice was on time) and ask them if they like it. She then begins talking about the late count Lucio, who it is meant to depict. She explains that the Count was supposedly murdered on his birthday, during an annual masquerade in his honor. Nadia will explain she called the apprentice to the palace because she plans to once again throw the annual masquerade, but requires his murderer, who is revealed to be Julian, to be captured and hung before its start.

The next morning, Portia wakes the apprentice and gives them a new outfit that Nadia has given them. She then leads them to the library, where Nadia shows them Julian’s old desk. She asks them to search the desk and see if they can find anything worthwhile, explaining that this was Julian’s desk while he was employed at the palace as a doctor. She then leaves the Apprentice to their investigation.

At dinner that night, Nadia reveals that she plans on having an announcement in the town square about the next masquerade. She also takes an interest in the apprentice and begins to ask them questions about themselves, while briefly divulging tidbits about herself. After dinner, the apprentice can choose a paid choice to accompany Nadia for a nightcap on the veranda. Nadia tells the apprentice that they are not what she expected, but that she is intrigued by them nevertheless. The apprentice can ask her either why she has decided to reopen the investigation into Lucio’s death, or why she choose the apprentice for the task. After, Nadia calls for Portia to take the apprentice back to their quarters.

After the announcement in the town square, the apprentice returns to the palace to meet with the courtiers, who are chatting amicably while Nadia plays an organ. Portia introduces the apprentice to the courtiers to their great interest and delight. An irritated Valerius ends up ‘accidentally’ spilling his wine on them, to the courtiers shock and Nadia’s anger. She tells them all to leave and apologizes to the apprentice. A paid option allows her to gift the apprentice with new clothing and accessories. Nadia asks Portia to fetch some of her emeralds and brings the apprentice to her bathing chamber, where she gives them a sheer robe after divesting them of their wine-soaked clothing. Portia soon returns with the emeralds, foremost of which is an emerald necklace that the apprentice feels drawn to. After fastening the necklace, Nadia leaves, although the apprentice notes that her presence lingers.


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Click to view Nadia's route.


Nadia possesses an uncanny sense of intuition, though she always kept that part of herself secret. This powerful ability allows her to foresee the future in her dreams. As of late, she's haunted by terrible nightmares that often feature a phantom in the shape of an anthropomorphic white goat. It's revealed in Book XII -The Hanged Man that Nadia possesses magic abilities, and has had them for a long time, though she notes that she hid them away long ago.

  • Precognition : Her uncanny intuition and her ability to foresee the future in her dreams have aided Nadia in many of her decisions. It is possible this ability was something she has always had, or she has gained when making her deal with the High Priestess.
  • Personal Gate : The lone island surrounded by waterfalls is Nadia's personal escape, as well as her connection to other realms, mainly the High Priestess' realm. It's unknown if the island is of her own creation.
  • 'Sight' : As seen in Chapter 2 of Book XII - The Hanged Man, Nadia can transform what is able to be seen in the forest, much like Asra can do in the same forest, as well as the Cave.



Nadia's relationship with Asra is largely unknown. It is revealed that she and Asra had been friends while Lucio was alive, as Asra tells the Apprentice that Nadia was once a 'dear friend'. The two were very close and trusted each other, sharing secrets and talking late into the night. Because of Nadia's memory loss, however, she is unable to recall him. She knows of him because of his reputation and maintains a professional relationship with him after she meets him. Nadia can begin to remember Asra, and in several routes the two once more become friendly with each other.


Julian spent a period of time at the Palace tending directly to Lucio, and it seems that he and Nadia were friends during that time, which she has forgotten due to her amnesia. Nadia initially believes him responsible for the murder of Lucio, and tasks the apprentice with finding him so that she may execute justice. Nadia reveals her reasoning for capturing Julian is not about getting revenge, rather it is about learning what exactly happened and getting closure. Nadia is open to discussing the possibility of Julian's innocence, and trusts the apprentice's judgement regarding him. Towards the ends of several routes, Nadia shows that she holds no ill will towards him and even assists the apprentice in clearing his name. At the end of Asra's upright route, Julian becomes the palace physician, attending to Nadia directly. The two appear to have become rather close, sharing a flirtatious exchange.


Portia is Nadia's favorite servant and a possible love interest for her. Portia was employed by the palace a year before the Countess awoke from her magically-induced slumber. It was Portia who cared for Nadia during this time. As Portia learned to read and write, she would frequently read aloud to Nadia as she slept.

When Nadia awoke, 3 months before the start of the story, Portia quickly became her most trusted servant. She is the most frequently called upon, acting largely as Nadia's personal handmaiden. Nadia appears to view Portia not only as the most competent of her staff, but also as a friend, and the two are close despite the distance between their roles. Although Nadia trusts Portia unconditionally, she is unaware of several secrets that Portia is keeping from her. For example, Portia did not disclose her last name to the Palace, and Nadia is unaware of her relationship to Julian. Portia has also never told Nadia that she can read and write, and as a result Nadia does not suspect that Portia was the one who invited her sisters to the palace. Portia still has Nadia's best interests at heart, however. When Nadia discovers Portia's deceit over the letters to her family, she initially feels betrayed. The Apprentice can steer Nadia towards forgiving Portia, coming to realize that her intentions were pure.

Portia is very protective of Nadia. During Nadia's route, she briefly warns the Apprentice not to hurt Nadia, assuring herself that the Apprentice is also loyal to the Countess. In some routes, romantic tension between Nadia and Portia can be noted during certain interactions. During Julian's Upright Path, Portia does end up starting a romantic relationship with Nadia.


Nadia's deceased husband. Much of their relationship is unclear, though it would seem it was not an arrangement overflowing with love, as observed by Consul Valerius when Nadia refers to Lucio as her "beloved husband."

Consul Valerius

He has a somewhat close working relationship with Nadia, although she seems somewhat wary of him. During Nadia's route, Valerius reveals he has been plotting to depose Nadia by accusing her of murdering Count Lucio. This is due to how he feels threatened by the changes Nadia is planning on making to Vesuvia. The two can later reach an agreement when Nadia and the Apprentice save Valerius from the Devil's influence. During Muriel's route, the two begrudgingly work together to return Vesuvia to normalcy, showing that they can be efficient when working in tandem.



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