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It is surprising, to see one such as you by my sister's side.
~ Nadia

Nahara is the fourth oldest of the seven Satrinava sisters. Her patron Arcana is The Sun.


Nahara is tall and stern-looking, with golden eyes and blonde hair with shaved sides and the rest in a braid over her shoulder.

She wears a yellow cloth/shawl over a buttoned black vest with gold trim. She has a gold wristband on each arm and a golden bracelet on her left upper arm.


Nahara comes off as very stoic, and does enjoy fighting. However, she does open up to the apprentice and shows that she's protective of her younger sister Nadia, and only wishes the best for her. In Portia's extra story, Nahara offers to teach Portia some yoga that she does and even playfully teases her.


  • In Julian's route, you first encounter Nahara when Julian is telling stories to three of Nadia's sisters--her,Navra, and Nasmira.
  • In Nadia's route, you first meet Nahara in the Ballroom, and have the option to dance with her or Navra.
  • In Asra's route you also first meet Nahara in the Ballroom, but you do not dance with either her or Navra.
  • In the Tale "Out and About", the Apprentice is able to romance her as they give her a tour of the city.


  • Nahara and Navra are twins.
  • Nahara taught Nadia how to fight.