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Oh my... Nadia, that was quite the show!
~ Nasmira

Nasmira is the fifth oldest of the seven Satrinava sisters. Back in her homeland she works as the liaison between the citizens and the royal family, ensuring the people are heard. Her patron Arcana is Strength.


Nasmira has dark skin, green wavy hair, and turquoise eyes. She wears a green and teal dress with a large, pink sash draping over it. She also wears necklaces, a headpiece, and a few flowers in her hair.


According to Nadia she is often condescending, likes to be the center of attention, and wins Nadia's friends and cohorts away from her. However, since her arrival she has been nothing but friendly and attentive towards her. Their long separation saddens Nasmira and it seems she genuinely worries about Nadia's well-being.


She is introduced in book VIII: Strength, when she arrives at Vlastomil's estate to Nadia's surprise. She is invited along with the apprentice and Nadia into Vlastomil's manor, where they have a conversation and Vlastomil immediately takes a liking to her. She then takes Nadia and the apprentice to the palace in her own carriage and explains she has received an invitation to the Masquerade from Nadia herself which she obviously didn't send.