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Hello, hello! People of Vesuvia, the Prakran Court greets you! Please hold all applause until the end!
~ Natiqa

Natiqa is the second youngest of the seven Satrinava sisters and the Prakran Ambassador. Her patron arcana is the Wheel of Fortune.


Natiqa has slender build, dark olive skin, lightning blue eyes and full lips painted the same vivid blue color. Her dark blue hair is coiffed high with one braid loose. She is dressed in deep blue garments with red and gold drapery and wears assortment of golden jewelry.

During the Masquerade she adopts a pearly white mask of a puma similar to the one on the Wheel of Fortune tarot card.


Natiqa serves as a diplomat in Prakra so she speaks honestly and openly in a way that other people understand. However, she has a mischievous manner about her. She doesn't miss the opportunity to play a trick on Julian when they first meet. Although she's quick to blame her lateness to the Masquerade on Nafizah, Nadia points out that Natiqa is at fault for their tardiness as well.


She arrives in Vesuvia along with her sister Nafizah and the Prakran court on the first day of the Masquerade in Book XV - The Devil.

Nadia's Route

Nadia and the apprentice meet the Prakran retinue at the ballroom and Natiqa immediately complains that all the attention is on Nafizah. When Nadia points that they are late and her tardiness is to blame she quickly shows herself out of conversation.

Julian's Route

Julian and the apprentice are introduced to Natiqa when they seek out Nadia after the meeting with Lucio. She pretends she doesn't know who Julian is, although Nadia told her everything beforehand "to have a bit of fun".

Muriel's Route

Muriel and the apprentice meet Natiqa after getting changed into their masquerade costumes. Natiqa will ask if Muriel and the apprentice are up for a bit of fun in which you get the paid option to pull a prank on Julian with her.