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You couldn't have waited to get arrested after I arrived, Dia? I missed all the drama.
~ Nazali

Nazali is the second oldest of the seven Satrinava siblings. They are a doctor and Julian's former mentor. Their patron arcana is Judgment.


Nazali has medium brown skin dotted with several moles. They have violet eyes and short red hair with grey streaks. They wear a red shawl over their head, and a deep-necked long sleeved shirt. They wear it with a sleeveless tan coat with pockets, high-waisted brown pants, and a waist-pouch made out of mismatched patchwork cloth that is dyed sickly orange that is 'hideous' according to their sisters.


Nazali has been shown to be a caring, easygoing and hard-working person who rarely loses their cool. They are optimistic, practical, and value things for how convenient they are rather than their aesthetic - despite the jabs from their sisters.


Early Life

Not much is known about Nazali's early life. They did spend an undetermined amount of time teaching Julian about medicine, acting as his mentor. This included teaching him everything they knew about cutting off limbs and everything they knew about the plague.

Sometime during the earliest days of the plague, Nazali was the first one, presumably, to identify the Red Plague and recognize its symptoms and what it did to people.

Three-Year Interlude

Two years after Nadia had fallen asleep, Nazali came from Prakra to see her. They discovered the condition on their own and were worried for her. Nothing they tried could wake Nadia up from her sleep. Nazali showed Portia how to take care of her and keep her safe, leaving with the request to write to them the moment she woke up.


Nadia's Route

Nazali shows up after Julian's hanging, talking with their three other sisters, Nahara, Navra, and Nasmira. Nadia explains some of the previous events to Nazali as they make their way to Julian's room. There, Nazali and Julian greet one another as old friends, and Nazali is left to check on Julian's health, as they and Portia tell Nadia and the apprentice to get some rest due to their exhaustion.

Julian's Route

In Julian's route, you meet Nazali during the Masquerade, masked as the elephant of Judgement, by the fountain. Both exclaim each other's names and greet each other as old friends. Nazali takes a calm yet stern stand to distract Valdemar from the apprentice and Julian, and goes off to talk with Valdemar about their research paths.