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This palace has a lot of secrets... maybe you can help me find more.
~ Portia

Portia Devorak is the head servant of Vesuvia's palace and Nadia's favorite and most trustworthy maid. She is one of the six available love interests. Her patron Arcana is The Star.


Portia is a petite, curvy woman with long, curly red hair. She often has her hair tied back in a bun and held up by a red and orange striped bandanna. She has soft, blue-grey eyes. Her skin is pale with an array of freckles across her cheeks and nose. 

She wears a standard servant's uniform, consisting of a white shirt with loose sleeves and gold trim and a pair of lilac harem pants. She has an orange and purple-stained sash tied around her waist, along with a loose purple tasseled belt. She also wears a thin, black ribbon choker around her neck.


Portia is energetic and talkative, quick to befriend others around her. She is upbeat, adores drama and gossip, and loves getting into mischief. While she comes off as a bit of an airhead during the Apprentice's first interaction with her, she seems to not let on exactly how much she knows, and has a secretive side. She is habitual of keeping secrets. Other people always confide in her, so she got used to keeping everything quiet and eventually started hiding things even when it wasn't needed.

During her route, Portia is further described as irrepressible, a chipper and peppy spark by the Apprentice's side. Frequently sarcastic and with a wry sense of humor, Portia enjoys finding moments of excitement among the ordinary. She has intense love and care for those close to her. Although she puts up a front of confidence when faced with stressful situations, Portia sometimes struggles with keeping it together and being sure of herself. When assured by the Apprentice, however, Portia can become a force to be reckoned with.


Portia was born somewhere east of the Strait of Seals on a ship. Her parents Ilona and Pavel were traveling merchants with their own ship. When Portia was very young, her and her family were shipwrecked in a storm. Portia and her older brother, Julian, were saved by a group of salt seals who hauled them out on the shore. Mazelinka, having been in the storm herself, discovered the siblings and brought them to the nearby town of Nevivon. Portia and Julian were then largely raised there by a group of grandmothers, including Lilinka, Mazelinka's lover. These grandmothers managed a tourist attraction focused on Nevivon's famous saltwater hot springs. Portia would grow up idolizing her older brother, following him around everywhere, especially when he went to see the tourists from far-off places.

Every few months Mazelinka would come back to see them and became their  'honorary grandma'. She brought them presents every time she came, one of which was a slingshot for Portia. Once the two were older, Mazelinka began to take them on small trips with her and taught them how to sail. 

Eventually, Julian left their home, leaving Portia behind. Portia received a letter from Julian years later, but due to Lilinka's passing, no-one could read it. Portia ended up leaving Nevivon herself, seeking someone who could both read and decipher her brother's handwriting. She eventually found someone who could read it and discovered that Julian had been convicted of murdering the Count of Vesuvia. In a seedy bar far from home, Portia chanced upon Mazelinka and explained to her what had happened, believing it was already too late for Julian, as it had been months since she received the letter. Mazelinka revealed that she had been traveling back to Nevivon to tell Portia that Julian was alive.  Determined to find her brother, Portia ends up accompanying Mazelinka on her ship to go back to where he was dropped off. She meets Mazelinka's crew, as well as one of her passengers, Nahara. Portia also meets the ship's cat, who she names Pepi. After a brief attack by rival pirates, Portia assists the crew in subduing them. Upon interrogating them, they discover that Julian had been with them before they dropped him off at the port of Vesuvia. The ship then makes for Vesuvia. Upon docking, Mazelinka offers to give Pepi to Portia, explaining that she makes a poor ship's cat. Portia excitedly accepts her.

After she couldn't find her brother, she tried investigating the murder instead and took up a job at the palace. Now she stays in Vesuvia for the people, Nadia, the other staff whom she's great friends with and some of the nicer nobles.

Presumably, Portia lived at Mazelinka's hut in the city for awhile. A year and some months before the start of the story, Portia started working at the palace, where she began to tend to the sleeping Countess Nadia. Once, she was poking around after hours in the the garden when she found a cottage by accident. Nobody ever came to kick her out. It was abandoned, so she just stayed, fixed it up, moved furniture in and it was home. In the meanwhile, she began to learn to read and write. Upon Nadia's awakening three months before, Portia quickly became her handmaiden and closest confidant. Nadia also officially granted the cottage to Portia.

Prologue Interactions

In the Apprentice's first interaction with Portia, she emerges from a fortune booth they pass while going to the palace. She appears to be in a hurry, while verbally checking off her groceries and lucky numbers. Not paying attention, Portia backs into the apprentice, upsetting the basket balanced on her hip which sends pomegranates flying. The Apprentice can either choose to help her pick them up or start drama. If she is helped, she extols the apprentice's kindness and thanks them while apologizing for her clumsiness. If drama is started, Portia defends herself and briefly argues with the apprentice. Either way, she quickly recognizes them as the magician Nadia is expecting. She subsequently escorts them on the quickest path to the palace.

At the palace gates she introduces the apprentice to the guards, and then leads them into the palace. The two are greeted by the chamberlain, who will tell them they are either late or right on time depending on previous choices. Portia reassures the apprentice and leads them into the dining room. If dinner is underway, Portia will later serve Nadia and the apprentice dessert. If the apprentice missed dinner, Portia will serve Nadia Golden Goose, an expensive alcohol. Regardless, upon hearing the announcement that Nadia plans on hanging Julian before the masquerade, Portia will drop what she is carrying. It shatters on the ground, much to Nadia and the apprentice's alarm. Portia quickly apologizes, blaming her "sticky fingers."

Later, Portia brings the Apprentice to their quarters. They pass Mercedes and Melchior on the steps leading to the abandoned wing. Portia is surprised at the dog's interest in the apprentice, and she warns them to stay on their guard around the dogs, as they are unpredictable. Portia concludes that the dogs have not yet had their chamomile cakes, and hurries to get them while telling the apprentice to stay put. When she returns, she finds that the apprentice has vanished, and worriedly begins to search for them. The apprentice suddenly returns, covered in ash, and Portia decides not to ask. She gives them a handkerchief to clean themselves and continues escorting them to their guest bedroom. Upon arrival, she appears to want to tell the apprentice something, but thinks better of it and wishes them a goodnight before leaving. If the apprentice was initially rude to her, she will attempt to smooth things over with them before departing.

The next morning, Portia wakes the apprentice, telling them Nadia would like to meet with them in the library. She gives them a new outfit to change into and a platter of breakfast pastries, and then waits for them outside. When they are ready, she escorts them to the library and uses a series of locks to open the door. Both Portia and Nadia leave the apprentice to their investigation, with Portia telling the apprentice to lock up when they leave.

Portia is later seen again, greeting the apprentice upon their return to the palace and then escorting them to the dining room. The apprentice can note that Portia seems lost in thought. After dinner, Portia brings the apprentice back to their room. Once there, Portia offers to give the apprentice a tour of the palace if they are not too tired. If the apprentice chooses this paid option, Portia takes them to the kitchens, through Lucio's menagerie gallery, and onto the veranda, introducing them to servants as she goes. She also leads them into the garden and shows them a secret portal that transports them back into a hallway of the palace. Portia then takes them back to their room and bids them goodnight, reminding them of tomorrow’s announcement in the town square.

The next day, the apprentice decides to check on their shop before the announcement. After they discover that Julian has broken in, Portia arrives, intending to bring the apprentice to the town square. She is shocked upon seeing Julian, and is then quickly brought to tears. After embracing him, she begins to berate him before realizing the Apprentice is still watching. She excuses herself, telling them she will meet up with them later, while dragging Julian somewhere else to ream him out.

Portia later announces to those gathered in the town square of the return of the annual masquerade. Portia is swept up in the enthusiasm of the townspeople. When the apprentice returns, Portia ushers them into a carriage and tells them Nadia wants the Court to meet them. The two return to the palace and enter the sitting room, where Portia introduces the Apprentice to the gathered Courtiers. After Valerius spills his wine on the apprentice, they have an option that allows Nadia to gift the apprentice with new clothing and accessories. Nadia asks Portia to fetch some of her emeralds and brings the apprentice to her bathing chamber. Portia soon returns with the emeralds, and the Apprentice can choose one. Portia then returns the apprentice to their rooms.


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Julian is Portia's older brother. Growing up, the two were very close. Portia frequently looked up to Julian and would follow him around. Julian, likewise, was incredibly protective of Portia. Portia did, however, have a seed of jealousy for Julian after Lilinka taught him how to read and write. After Julian left their home on his own, this jealousy became resentment, as Portia believed Julian had left her behind. After receiving a letter from Julian, but being unable to read it due to Lilinka's passing, Portia set out on a journey of her own to find someone who had the ability to read and also the ability to decipher her brother's handwriting. After the letter is decoded and Portia discovers Julian is wanted for murder, she is clearly devastated, believing he may already be dead. When Mazelinka tells her Julian is in fact still alive, Portia's relief is palpable. She becomes determined to find her brother to both insure his safety and also give him a piece of her mind.

During their first interaction in the prologue, Portia is shocked to see Julian. This shock quickly becomes a tear-filled hug. Portia appears to have worried over Julian so thoroughly that she doesn't seem to care that the Apprentice has witnessed their reunion. After being reunited, Portia quickly leads Julian away, clearly intending to yell at him for the anxiety he has put her through.

Although Portia is often exasperated with Julian and his dramatics, she is still clearly concerned for his safety. She can become quite upset when he acts self-sacrificing. Both this and her sadness over Julian leaving her behind all those years ago show that she wants him to stay in her life. Despite Julian's apparent murder warrant, Portia is also determined to prove his innocence. She instantly warms up to the apprentice when they show any concern for Julian, or indicate that he may not be as guilty as previously thought.


Nadia is Portia's employer and a possible love interest. Portia was employed by the palace a year before the Countess awoke from her magically-induced slumber. It was Portia who cared for Nadia during this time. As Portia learned to read and write, she would frequently read aloud to Nadia as she slept.

When Nadia awoke, 3 months before the start of the story, Portia quickly became her most trusted servant. She is the most frequently called upon, acting largely as Nadia's personal handmaiden. Nadia appears to view Portia not only as the most competent of her staff, but also as a friend, and the two are close despite the distance between their roles. Although Nadia trusts Portia unconditionally, Portia feels guilty over several secrets that she is keeping from her. For example, Portia did not disclose her last name to the Palace, and Nadia is unaware of her relationship to Julian. Portia has also never told Nadia that she can read and write, and as a result Nadia does not suspect that Portia was the one who invited her sisters to the palace. Portia appears to have done the latter only in an attempt to help Nadia repair her relationship with them, however. Portia still has Nadia's best interests at heart. During Nadia's route, she briefly warns the Apprentice not to hurt Nadia, assuring herself that the Apprentice is also loyal to the Countess.

When Nadia discovers Portia's deceit over the letters to her family, she initially feels betrayed. The Apprentice can steer Nadia towards forgiving Portia, coming to realize that her intentions were pure.

In some routes, romantic tension between Nadia and Portia can be noted during certain interactions. During Julian's Upright Path, Portia does end up starting a romantic relationship with Nadia.

The Apprentice

The Apprentice is a possible love interest for Portia. She attends to them when they come to the palace. Depending on player choices, Portia can become friendly with the apprentice soon after she meets them. If the apprentice was initially rude to her, Portia will attempt to start over with them, realizing they will spending a lot of time together. In the others' routes, Portia appears often, always willing to lend a helping hand after the apprentice has proved their worth to her. She is especially prevalent during Nadia and Julian's routes. In Nadia's route, she acts particularly protective of the countess and threatens to do something horrible to the Apprentice should they break her heart. However, she quickly takes this back, telling the apprentice she knows they won't hurt Nadia. During Julian's route, she quickly develops a close friendship with the apprentice as they work to help Julian together. She supports the two's relationship, becoming appreciative towards the apprentice when they show care for Julian.

In her own route, she opens up to the Apprentice, almost immediately revealing that Julian is her brother. She confides in the apprentice that she has developed a tendency to keep secrets from others, further explaining that the apprentice is the first person she has divulged her secrets to. The apprentice also has the ability to help her become more honest with Nadia.

Together, the two quickly become partners in crime. Portia frequently takes moments to tease the Apprentice and have fun with them, while the apprentice can help Portia peel away her insecurities and help her realize her true potential, including her capability for magic. The two grow to care for each other, supporting each other as they navigate the mysteries Vesuvia holds. 


Mazelinka is Portia's "honorary grandma." Mazelinka was the one who discovered Portia and Julian after their shipwreck, and she subsequently brought them to Nevivon to be cared for by a group of elders. As one of the these elders was Mazelinka's girlfriend, Lilinka, Mazelinka would frequently return to Nevivon to visit the siblings. Portia came to anticipate these visits, as Mazelinka would also bring them gifts, including a slingshot for Portia. When Portia leaves home seeking someone to decipher Julian's letter, she chances across Mazelinka at a bar. Mazelinka reassures her that Julian is alright and briefly consoles her after she shows grief at Lilinka's passing. Portia then accompanies Mazelinka to find Julian at the port he was dropped off at.

Mazelinka shows great care for Portia, and the two treat each other like family. When they arrive in Vesuvia, Mazelinka offers to give Portia her ship cat, Pepi, as well as her home for Portia to stay in while she searches for Julian. Even after Portia starts working at the palace and living in her cottage, Mazelinka's home is always open to her. Portia evidently looks up to Mazelinka, perhaps even more so when she discovers that she can perform magic.


Lilinka was one of Portia's caretakers as she grew up in Nevivon. Portia seems to view her as a parental figure. She was evidently close with her, as she shows grief at her passing. Lilinka was Mazelinka's girlfriend and also taught Julian how to read and write.


Tasya is Portia's paternal aunt. Portia did not know of Tasya's existence until Book XI: Justice of her route, when she arrives to intervene in Julian's trial. Although Portia cannot remember her, Tasya appears thrilled to reunite with her niece and begins to show her great kindness. She pulls strings to rescue Julian, gifts Portia an expensive necklace, and begins to assist with masquerade preparations. Portia is initially delighted at meeting her and fully accepts her as family, although the apprentice can point out to Portia that she has not known her for long and should be cautious. When Tasya causes a magical disturbance that destroys parts of the palace and city, Portia is initially loathe to admit she would be capable of such acts. When confronted with evidence confirming Tasya's involvement, Portia feels betrayed by her, and quickly becomes determined to find her and stop her plans.


In her past tale 'A Rising Tide' Portia meets Nahara, who was a passenger on Mazelinka's ship, travelling to enhance her martial skills. Portia is said to have a crush on Nahara


  • Her favorite hobbies are dice games and skinny dipping.
  • She has a cat named Pepi, who is based on a cat owned by one of the developers.
  • Her favorite ice cream flavor is cookie dough, and her favorite fruits are bananas.
  • Her favorite season is Spring.
  • She is incredibly superstitious.
  • She speaks two languages.
  • She has a throaty, powerful voice, although she squeaks on the high notes.
  • Her favorite books are from the Detective Robin series, specifically The Firent Affair, which she read multiple times while learning to read.
  • As of March 20, 2021, Portia is the only love interest whose patron arcana has not appeared in their route.


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