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Salim Alnazar is the father of Asra, and a powerful magician that once lived in Vesuvia. He first appears in Asra's route during the end of Book XVII - The Star, but makes his full debut in Book XVIII - The Moon. His patron arcana, shared with his wife, Aisha, is the Lovers.


Salim has fluffy brown hair, which he passed down to Asra. He has a slight stubble and his skin has golden brown tint. He has violet eyes that he also passed down to his son. Salim has visible dimples on his cheeks and pronounced cheekbones.

Salim wears simple practical clothing: half-moon spectacles, long white shirt and long brown vest with golden lining belted by dark sash.


Salim is a kind man who loves his wife and child dearly. That love was used by the Devil to imprison and separate him from his loved ones. Although he missed Asra terribly he shows great deal of patience, understanding and tact when Asra is not sure how to reconnect with his parents. He also seems very passionate about his work in alchemy with Aisha as his lifelong partner.


Lucio's Reign

It's unknown if Salim and Aisha are native to Vesuvia, but there's no question it was home for a long time. Having settled into a comfortable with their child, they had a happy and fulfilling life. They were most likely contracted by Lucio to forge him a mechanical arm unlike any other, unique in every way. He and his wife worked tirelessly on it, only to be thrown in the dungeons once they presented it to him.

They were locked into separate cells that dampened magic, and told they would be executed within days. However, during the wait for their demise at the hands of Lucio, he was found by The Devil. He forged a deal with the Devil to free his wife, and protect his child, unaware that Aisha was offered the same thing, and accepted it just the same.

They were thrown into the Arcana realms, locked within their own personal gateway, and have been trapped there since, leaving behind their now orphaned young child.