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Tarot back

The card's back

Asra's tarot deck is an unusual item. Unlike many fortune tellers who are con men, this deck provides you and Asra with genuine answers. Asra has spent the last three years teaching the Apprentice how to listen when the archetype spirits speak - though they do not quite use words. Asra's reputation as a fortune teller is due to his skill with these cards.


Asra made the deck himself, designing each card based on what he believed best represent each archetype. According to him, the cards can be difficult. There is something about them that makes the Apprentice uncomfortable, though they have learned to use the deck regardless. In now missing part of the Prologue, when Nadia steals one of the cards for the Apprentice to track, they can feel the upset energy of the deck. Likewise, when it is finally returned, the Apprentice feels very relieved and almost thinks they can feel the same of the deck.

Major Arcana[]

Each of the major arcana has a unique animal figure as the subject. The main cast all have specific cards associated to them through zodiac signs and animal symbolism. Asra gifted Muriel and Julian with figurines of them.  

Number Card Title Upright Explanation Reversed Explanation
0 0 the fool The Fool The Fool stands on a cliff's edge, overlooking the limitless potential of their future. The way is uncertain, but you have all the tools. Make the leap. Do not let insecurity bind you. The Fool rushes in without guidance, ignoring all the warning signs. Beware of acting rashly. Consider the consequences of your actions and tread lightly in the dark.
I 1 the magician The Magician The Magician makes real that which is unreal, manifesting desires from nothingness. Now is the time to take action, before all comes to naught. Stay focused: You have a job to do. The Magician manipulates and obscures the truth. Their honeyed words seem like hope in the haze. Be wary of lies from the mouths of charismatic charmers. They will not keep their promises.
II 2 the high priestess The High Priestess The High Priestess stands guardian to the gates of mystery, offering arcane secrets to the initiated. Listen to your dreams; allow intuition to guide you. All will be revealed in time. The High Priestess stands between you and your inner self, blocking the way forward. Be careful of losing touch with your intuition. Do not close your mind to the world's mysteries.
III 3 the Empress The Empress The Empress embraces her inner beauty and kind nature, allowing it to flourish in the world around her. Now is the time to nurture your relationships, carefully cultivating your connection to others. The Empress gives until there is nothing left for herself, leaving an empty husk behind. Do not sacrifice yourself for the sake of others. They may not return what they have taken.
IV 4 the emperor The Emperor The Emperor is in control of his own destiny, building his empire on a solid foundation. Trust your experiences. You can learn much from observing the consequences of your actions. The Emperor rules over his world with an iron fist, allowing nothing to escape his grasp. Be careful not to hold too tightly to your empire. Plants only grow when given room to flourish.
V 5 the Hierophant The Hierophant The Hierophant values tradition above all, encouraging conformity and trust in established institutions. You may find yourself seeking instruction in new areas of life. Place your faith in long-trusted methods. The Hierophant has grown too comfortable in the fortress of tradition, at the expense of necessary progress. It is time to break conventions, question your longheld beliefs, and embrace positive change.
VI 6 the lovers The Lovers The Lovers embrace each other, united by the knowledge they are stronger combined. Remember the value of connection and communication. A new partnership may soon be in your future. The Lovers turn from each other, allowing the bridge of communication between them to crumble. It may be time to re-examine your relationships and decide whether your values truly align.
VII 7 The Chariot The Chariot The Chariot is in complete control of its own destiny. It hurtles towards victory, unhindered by adversity. Work hard and stay focused. Your drive will be rewarded; the road will lead you right. The Chariot careens out of control, losing its way as it becomes stranded on the road. Sometimes you must learn to release the reins in order to move forward.
VIII 8 Strength Strength Strength can be quiet; often she shines through patience and compassion, not aggression. Trust your own strength. You will find courage inside when it is most needed. Strength has lost her careful equilibrium, and with it, control of her inner beasts. Now is the time to reconnect to your core. Do not lose your confidence: you have power yet untold.
IX 9 the Hermit The Hermit The Hermit knows the value of silence and embraces it in all things. Look inside yourself for the answers you seek. Take time for introspection in the days ahead. The Hermit hides in his cave, shutting out the world and ignoring its lessons. Be wary of retreating too far within your own mind. Others still have valuable things to share.
X 10 wheel of fortune Wheel of Fortune The Wheel turns endlessly with the passage of time, changing fortunes as if by whim. Take heart: you are still the guardian of your own fate. Work hard and life will provide the rest. The Wheel must return all to its beginning- life cannot remain in the sun forever. Forces outside your control may conspire to bring you down. Embrace this: it is the way of the world.
XI 11 justice Justice Justice carefully weighs every option, making her choice with complete objectivity. You may soon be faced with a decision. Allow Justice to guide your hand, and you will find peace. Justice has allowed bias to cloud her judgment, darkening the world with chaos and lies. Take a step back and gather all the facts before you make a decision. Your choices have consequences.
XII 12 the Hanged Man The Hanged Man The Hanged Man relinquishes control, sacrificing himself to the judgment of the World. Sometimes, the best strategy is a swift retreat. Take time to regroup and re-examine your options. The Hanged Man is offered as tribute against his will, and self-determination is wrested from his grasp. Be careful of stagnation- your own goals have value. They don't deserve to be put on hold.
XIII 13 Death Death Death reaps that which has run its course, allowing new life to grow in the space left behind. Do not fear change: all things must come to an end. Beauty lies in the transition. Death turns his back on his duty, allowing things to fester and rot in his negligence. Do not delay the inevitable- you threaten your own future in the process. Change will come.
XIV 14 Temperance Temperance Temperance shuns extremes and embraces harmony. She finds tranquility in the midst of struggle. In all things, there is a balance. Take the middle road- it will not lead you astray. Temperance allows conflict to overwhelm her peaceful disposition; she reacts with extreme measures. Be at ease: some things can not be forced. Take a step back and recenter yourself to see more clearly.
XV 15 the Devil The Devil The Devil knows there is power in perception. He binds those who cannot see their path to freedom. Shake off his veil: you are not trapped. There is always a way out of even the darkest places. The Devil loses influence over his flock as the chains of bondage drop from his tight grasp. It is time to clean house: purge the things that harm you from your life. Take back your power.
XVI 16 the tower The Tower The Tower rises above the world, a beacon of great upheaval and crumbling structure. It may be painful, but the Tower offers a balm: things will be better when the dust settles. The Tower is a portent of destruction. Ignoring its message is never wise. You may be delaying an inevitable disaster. Take heed: the Tower has a way of crumbling regardless.
XVII 17 the Star The Star The Star has faith in herself that radiates through the darkness, guiding the lost and weary. Believe in your inner light. You may have endured great hardship, but it only makes you shine brighter. The Star has allowed doubts to dampen her light, losing faith in herself and the world around her. Now is not the time to despair. Keep believing and let your star shine bright. The world needs you.
XVIII 18 the moon The Moon The Moon creates illusions in the dead of night, obscuring truth and casting long shadows. Do not ignore your inner voice. Trust your intuition to lead you true, and the darkness will fade. The Moon hangs low and dim in the sky, obscuring the way forward with darkness and confusion. It may be time to examine what fears are blocking your path. Your next step will become clear.
XIX 19 The Sun The Sun The Sun shines brightly on your path, illuminating what seemed lost in the darkness of night. Rejoice in the hope of a new day. Nothing can stop you now; success is in your future. The Sun shines weakly in the sky, threatened by storm clouds building on the horizon. You may be struggling to see the good in a bad situation. Things will be alright; storms always clear.
XX 20 judgment Judgment Judgment looks within for absolution, shedding time-worn insecurities and guilt. You should forgive yourself of past mistakes, heal old wounds, and start anew. Judgment cannot shed his past. He has become ensnared in self-doubt and flagellation. Do not be too hard on yourself. Mistakes will be made- what matters is how you learn from them.
XXI 21 The world The World The World celebrates a journey come full circle. A land of new opportunity lies at your feet. The road has been long, and often brutal. Take this time to be proud of all you have accomplished. The World strays from its path just before its final goals are met. Something holds it back. You may be lacking closure. Don't risk losing your way when your journey is almost at its end.

The Cast's Cards[]

0. The Fool - The Apprentice
The fool is the only card without a figure in it, as the Apprentice is the only main character never seen. The fool represents the beginning of a journey, and describes the apprentice's role in the story. In Asra's route during Chapter VIII - Strength, you fail to find an alebrije that you identify with.

I. The Magician - Asra
The fox on this card has Asra's lavender eyes. Fox figures appear twice in game - once as a little figurine in Asra's kitchen in Nopal, and once when you and him were choosing alebrije together. Asra claimed to identify with an indigo fox one. The Magician themself chooses to appear as the violet eyed fox when teaching Asra. Asra wears a fox themed outfit and mask during the masquerade.

II. The High Priestess - Nadia
The owl has Nadia's ruby red eyes. Nadia has a carved owl figure on her bed's canopy, and her dressing gown has the same feathered pattern as the owl's wings. Her companion Chandra is an owl, and she also wears an owl themed outfit and mask during the Masquerade.

III. The Empress - Nasrin
Nadia's mother wears a mask that resembles the Empress card during the red room ritual.

IV. The Emperor - Namar
Nadia's father wears a mask that resembles the Emperor card during the red room ritual.

V. The Hierophant - Valerius
Valerius' pin is in the shape of the ram's head. His position as Consul, and his attempt to remove Nadia from her position to return to what he was doing before she awoke, also lines up with the Hierophant's depiction and meaning, being a teacher or counselor that stands for tradition and convention. In Book XIX: The Sun in Nadia's route, it is revealed that he was in the process of becoming a demon through deals made with the Devil. Each deal stole power from the Hierophant, but his bindings were broken and he and the Hierophant returned to normal.

VI. The Lovers - Aisha and Salim
The characters depicted on the card look very similar to their familiars, and they are very much in love.

VII. The Chariot - Morga
Morga's facial markings, the long lines down either side of her face, match those of the Chariot. She also wears a cheetah pelt around her waist.

VIII. Strength - Nasmira
Nadia's sister, Nasmira, wears a mask that resembles the lioness of Strength during the Masquerade.

IX. The Hermit - Muriel
The bear has Muriel's green eyes and tattered cloak. In his house he has a little carved bear statue. He also lives a secluded lifestyle, away from other humans. Muriel wears a wooden bear mask during the masquerade.

X. Wheel of Fortune - Natiqa
At the Masquerade, Natiqa wears a mask that resembles the feathered puma on the Wheel of Fortune card.

XI. Justice - Vlastomil
Vlastomil wears a pig mask during the Masquerade, and works as a judge in Julian's trial. In Book XVIII: The Moon and Book XIX: The Sun in Nadia's route, it is revealed that his power is stolen from Justice through deals made with the Devil, which turned him into a demon.

XII. The Hanged Man - Julian
The raven has Julian's grey eyes. He frequents a bar known as the Rowdy Raven, and is often chaperoned by Malak - a paranoid raven who hates the city guard. He also owns a small carved statue of a raven that was gifted to him by Asra. Julian wears a raven mask and a raven themed suit during the masquerade.

XIII. Death - Valdemar
During the Masquerade, Quaestor Valdemar is wearing a mask of a horse skull with a black veil, matching the one on the card. Valdemar is also shown to have an obsession with death. Also, in Book XIX: The Sun in Portia's route, Valdemar offhandedly mentions that they "couldn't be the way [they are] today" without Death, implying they are something other than one of the Devil's demons. It is also implied with both Nadia and Portia's routes that as with the other courtiers, their power is stolen from the Death Arcana.

XIV. Temperance - Volta
During the Masquerade, Procurator Volta dons a mask similar to the dove featured on the Temperance tarot card. In Nadia's route, you can choose to read Volta's fortune, which will reveal a Temperance card, reversed. It is possible that Volta also represents temperance reversed, as temperance seems to be the one thing she lacks. In Book XVIII: The Moon and Book XIX: The Sun in Nadia's route, it is revealed that her power is stolen from the Temperance card through deals made with the Devil, which turned her into a demon.

XV. The Devil - Lucio
The goat has eyes the same red as Lucio's plagued sclera. Lucio himself appears in game as a ghostly goat, after apparently trying to become the archetype itself. Lucio also is a personification of what the Devil card represents- greed, selfishness, and material wants.

XVI. the Tower - Vulgora
This card has a stag and a swarm of red beetles depicted on it, relating to the Red Plague. Choosing to give a reading to Vulgora on Nadia's route will reveal The Tower, and Vulgora wears a red stag beetle mask at the masquerade. Along with the other courtiers, Vulgora became a demon through deals with the Devil. It is implied that these deals stole power from the Tower as with the other demons.

XVII. The Star - Portia
The cat has Portia's blue eyes and she owns a house cat, Pepi. The water-bearer of the card and her zodiac sign, Aquarius, align with her actual job as a hand maiden. Portia also wears a cat mask during the Masquerade.

XVIII. The Moon - Navra
Nadia's sister, Navra, wears a wolf mask during the Masquerade.

XIX. The Sun - Nahara
Nadia's sister, Nahara, wears a yellow outfit and dons an eagle themed mask during the masquerade, closely resembling the eagle depicted on the Sun card.

XX. Judgement - Nazali
Nadia's sibling, Nazali, wears an elephant mask during the Masquerade.

XXI. The World - Nafizah
Nadia's sister, Nafizah, wears a turtle mask during the Masquerade, as well as a circle above her head patterned with the tree design from the card. She also has a tiny turtle as a familiar. In Lucio's route, she seems to have a spiritual relationship with the World Turtle.

Minor Arcana[]

The minor Arcana are separated into four suits: cups, pentacles, swords, and wands. Within those, each suit contains one card each of 1-10, page, knight, queen, and king.

In Asra's tarot deck, each suit has an animal assigned to it as follows:

Number Card Title Upright Explanation Reversed Explanation
I Tarot ace of cups Ace of Cups Your heart overflows with love for those around you, ready and willing to open yourself to them. Give yourself fully to others and bask in the meaningful connections you will receive in return. You may be feeling overwhelmed by your emotions, wallowing in despair and hopelessness. Take a step back from your feelings and look objectively at the situation. Your troubles will pass.
II Tarot 2 cups Two of Cups A new love is in your future, built on a strong foundation of trust, harmony, and understanding. Encourage and embrace this bond. Old troubles will fall in the face of your combined strength. You may be having trouble in current relationships, or find yourself struggling to make new connections. Don't force things- communicate your worries. Rough waters always give way to smooth seas.
III Tarot 3 cups Three of Cups Celebrate your friendships today, knowing that the close bonds you've formed will weather any storm. Enjoy a group outing- the stresses of the day will fade when you share good cheer and good food. You may have let your relationships wither in the face of your own responsibilities and stresses. It's not too late- there is still time to close the distance that's grown between you and your loved ones.
IV Tarot 4 cups Four of Cups You have withdrawn into yourself in order to reflect, but take care not to shut yourself off completely. Keep an eye out for opportunities you may have missed when lost in your own head. Now may be the time to act. You may have isolated yourself from others, closing your eyes to new opportunities and experiences. It is time to end your self-imposed exile. Engage yourself in the world and your heart will soar.
V Tarot 5 cups Five of Cups You are dealing with the aftermath of a great loss, and the pain feels like it could consume you whole. It may seem as if the world has only storms to offer, but dark clouds always part. You will feel joy again. Your pain is in the past where it belongs, and the future now looks bright and full of possibilities. Often a painful experience is also a necessary one. Learn from the hurt, and allow your heart to grow.
VI Tarot 6 cups Six of Cups Nostalgia for your childhood may lead you to turn your head back towards golden days of youth. Find joy in your past, and inspiration in the reunion of old friends and memories. The days ahead look bright. Your mind is still in the past, reliving glory days and glossing over old hurts for the sake of nostalgia. Be careful you don't rewrite history in your reminiscing. It may be wiser to look to the future for answers.
VII Tarot 7 cups Seven of Cups In dreams possibilities seem endless, but the waking world won't wait for you forever. Be realistic about what you can and can't accomplish. Some ideas aren't meant to be more than fantasy. Sometimes an offer is too good to be true. Be wary of false promises in the coming days. Don't agree to anything without first considering the costs. Look beyond the surface.
VIII Tarot 8 cups Eight of Cups You may be feeling restless with the way your life is going. You yearn for an escape from monotony. Plan a getaway, but remember: to gain what you want from your journey, you may have to leave things behind. It is easy to feel lost in life when there is no clear way forward. Your options seem limited. Trust your instincts and move on when you're ready. You'll know the best choice when it presents itself.
IX Tarot 9 cups Nine of Cups Your wishes are close to becoming realized. Look for good news in the near future. Enjoy all the blessings life has to offer you. Don't allow doubt or worry to darken the bright days ahead. Be careful not to overindulge your own satisfaction, or you risk warping good fortune into greed. You may be feeling dissatisfied with your life, but this emptiness will subside with time.
X Tarot 10 cups Ten of Cups Family and loved ones gather around you in an outpouring of caring that fills your heart with contentment. You have many warm days full of love and laughter ahead. Enjoy the peace good company brings. Strife in your family life has left you feeling drained and unhappy. You just can't seem to make things work. Communicate your fears to your loved ones. Put in the work and see harmony restored.
XI Tarot page of cups Page of Cups The Page of Cups is a dreamer, always looking towards the future with bright eyes and full heart. Expect news in the realm of romance and relationships. Good things are coming your way. The Page of Cups is self-centered and immature, struggling to get along with those around him. Communication is the key to any healthy relationship. Make sure not to let that well dry up unduly.
XII Tarot knight of cups Knight of Cups The Knight of Cups is a romantic, always chasing after true love. His charm and grace enrapture all he meets. Allow inspiration to guide your heart. You will create beautiful things that cause the whole world to marvel. The Knight of Cups is a heartbreaker, tossing new relationships aside as soon as they've lost their luster. Temper your expectations with reality when entering into any new phase of life. Understand the risks when you begin.
XIII Tarot queen of cups Queen of Cups The Queen of Cups trusts her intuition above all else, and offers a port in the storm for weary souls. Listen to your inner voices and follow your heart. When all else fails, it will lead you true. The Queen of Cups allows her emotions to drown out all sense, becoming volatile and manipulative. Be wary of those who embrace negative emotions. Insecurity can hasten the end of a relationship better than poison.
XIV Tarot king of cups King of Cups The King of Cups is generous and compassionate, yet never allows his emotions to overwhelm his sense. Remain diplomatic in tense situations, and allow your kind heart to lead you to the best solution for all. The King of Cups manipulates the emotions of others callously, twisting them to fit his own agenda. There are those in your life who only aim to harm. Do not allow them to throw your own emotions off kilter.

Number Card Title Upright Explanation Reversed Explanation
I Tarot ace of pentacles Ace of Pentacles You may soon experience good luck in the realm of finances - windfalls, new opportunities, and rewards abound. Welcome this prosperity with open arms. Now could be the time to make your dreams reality. There may be financial trouble in your future. Promises of new work and opportunities could fall through. Prepare yourself for lean times, but remember that this is only temporary. Your fortunes will return.
II Tarot 2 pentacles Two of Pentacles Balance is the key to any successful venture, and you may soon find your hands full. Manage your time well and prioritize responsibilities. If you pull off this juggling act, you'll be a star. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by responsibility, and your struggles have started to negatively affect you. Look for areas of your life that are out of balance- bringing them in line may help relieve your stress.
III Tarot 3 pentacles Three of Pentacles The initial phase of a new project is done. You have built your home on strong foundations. Work together with others to ensure that the future stays bright. You're well on your way to lasting success. It's time to lay some groundwork, but instead of cooperating it seems like your team is falling apart. Consider whether it is worth continuing with your current partners. A fresh perspective may help.
IV Tarot 4 pentacles Four of Pentacles You may be entering a new age of financial stability, but take care it does not lead to greed. Do not clutch so tightly to your possessions. Money is important, but so are your personal relationships. There is a time to be conservative, but you've become too comfortable with the way things are. Do not be frightened of change- the world is beautiful because of its risks, not in spite of them.
V Tarot 5 pentacles Five of Pentacles You've suffered a significant blow to your finances, leaving you feeling desperate and alone. Don't worry, you'll be back on your feet soon enough. You are not alone- others will arrive to support you. You may be recovering from a recent financial setback, and are trying to recoup your losses. Don't fight that glimmer of hope in your heart. Keep moving forward, and the trouble will surely pass.
VI Tarot 6 pentacles Six of Pentacles Your own financial security has enabled you to help others in more tumultuous situations. Embrace the spirit of charity, trusting that what you put out in the world will return to you tenfold. Your devotion to charity is admirable, but be careful others don't take advantage of your generous heart. If you continue giving freely, there may be nothing left of you in the end. Be kind, but be sensible too.
VII Tarot 7 pentacles Seven of Pentacles Your hard work is beginning to pay off, and soon you will reap the benefits of what you've sown. Take a breath and admire all you've accomplished. It's taken much to get here, but the bounty is plentiful. You've focused your time on ventures that have led nowhere, leaving you frustrated and tired. There's no shame in changing tracks. Sometimes it is better in the long run to let infested crops die.
VIII Tarot 8 pentacles Eight of Pentacles Your attention to detail and willingness to learn make you an ideal student. Your raw talent can be honed. It may be time to embark on a new venture or learn a new skill if you have not already begun. You have become mired in the details, unable to see the big picture. Your focus has become a detriment. Take a step back and look at all you have accomplished. Refocus yourself on the things that matter.
IX Tarot 9 pentacles Nine of Pentacles You've worked hard to get to this point, and it will soon be time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. Indulge yourself a little. There is nothing wrong with rewarding yourself after a job well done. You may have focused too much on living in luxury, letting other responsibilities fall to the wayside. Wealth is not just about how many possessions you own, but the quality of your relationships with others.
X Tarot 10 pentacles Ten of pentacles Your financial worries will soon be in the past as you enter into a gilded age of wealth and stability. Remember to pass this prosperity on to others in your life, starting them on their own journey to success. It may feel like your future success is crumbling around you, but there is steady ground on the horizon. There is still time to correct course. Focus your energy on clearing away any obstacles in your path.
XI Tarot page of pentacles Page of Pentacles The Page of Pentacles is an enthusiastic go-getter who has everything he needs to make his dreams reality. Embark on a new venture and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit. Stay focused and success is yours. The Page of Pentacles spends his life dreaming of what it could be, never taking action to manifest his desires. Your dreams cannot come true if you never strive for them. Put in the work and you will surely profit.
XII Tarot knight of pentacles Knight of Pentacles The Knight of Pentacles is traditional and steadfast, using well-proven methods to achieve success. There is nothing wrong with using conventional methods. Stay on course, you're going the right way. The Knight of Pentacles has become stuck in his routine, trodding slow with his eyes to the ground. Break your routine and lift your eyes to the horizon. A little spontaneity will do you some good.
XIII Tarot queen of pentacles Queen of Pentacles The Queen of Pentacles is the backbone of the household, steady and reliable in all things. Keep being the rock, even in turbulent times. The world needs more nurturing spirits within it. The Queen of Pentacles struggles to balance work and family, paralyzed by her need for independence. You may need to make a difficult choice in order to ensure your happiness and stability in the days to come.
XIV Tarot king of pentacles King of Pentacles The King of Pentacles knows that the finest things in life aren't free - he also knows he can afford them. Your responsibility and hard work has paid off with long-term stability. You've proven yourself: time to relax. The King of Pentacles feels empty inside, having let his materialism consume all other aspects of his life. There is more to life than wealth and power. Perhaps it's time to reconnect with neglected emotional needs.

Number Card Title Upright Explanation Reversed Explanation
I Tarot ace of swords Ace of Swords New opportunities abound in your future, but be wary of the risks. Use your mind to your advantage, and claim victory. The time to act is now. You may have a good idea, but have faced problems putting your plan into action. Do not allow doubt to fog your mind. Refocus, reassess, and try again.
II Tarot 2 swords Two of Swords Making a decision is never easy, and you may soon find yourself faced with a difficult choice. Clear the wool from your eyes and weigh every option. The answer will come to you. You will soon face a difficult decision with no right answer. Everywhere you look, another obstacle waits. You cannot avoid your decision forever. Consider carefully. Relief will come when you choose.
III Tarot 3 swords Three of Swords You may be facing heartbreak in your future, but if you prepare yourself it will not destroy you. Pain can teach you about yourself, and leave your heart stronger for the struggle. You may be struggling to move on from past heartbreak, wallowing in your sorrow. Grieving is healthy, but eventually you must learn to let go. Your heart will be lighter for it.
IV Tarot 4 swords Four of Swords You have been working tirelessly towards your goals, but now is the time for rest. Clear your mind and start fresh in the morning. Your battles will wait until you are ready. You have been working too hard, allowing your mental wellbeing to fall by the wayside. Take time away from your problems to relax. Your work will still be there when you return.
V Tarot 5 swords Five of Swords Conflict comes easier than peace, and you've been experiencing significant strife lately. Recognize that there is no weakness in laying down your sword. Eventually, all fights must end. You have grown weary with the constant conflict in your life, and eagerly await its end. Now is the time to let go and move on, allowing these battles to become a distant memory.
VI Tarot 6 swords Six of Swords A necessary transition lies ahead of you. In order to move forward, you will have to leave things behind. Letting go may be difficult, but shedding the weight will leave you feeling free. You may wish to move on from a difficult period in your life, but find your baggage weighs you down. Doubt and insecurity may plague you, but you are making the right choice. The future is bright.
VII Tarot 7 swords Seven of Swords You are at risk of being deceived. Take stock of those around you - what are their intentions? Be cautious in the following months, and you will surely avoid a dangerous schemer. You may be running away from a difficult situation instead of facing your demons head on. It is time to try a direct approach. Avoiding the situation will only make it worse.
VIII Tarot 8 swords Eight of Swords You may find yourself unable to see a clear way out of a difficult situation. Do not fall victim to your fear. You have all the tools needed to break free. Despite putting a difficult situation firmly in the past, you are still feeling its effects. Use this experience as a chance to learn and grow. Eventually, your pain will fade.
IX Tarot 9 swords Nine of Swords Worries have been keeping you up at night. You may be focusing too much on fear. The anxiety will fade, and you will finally rest easy. This situation is only temporary. You may be feeling trapped within your own fears. Negative emotions have overwhelmed you. The worst is almost over - eventually, your life will take a path for the better. Do not suffer alone.
X Tarot 10 swords Ten of Swords Things are coming to an end. The world may feel dark, but the pain is almost over. Endings make way for beginnings. Your world can only become brighter from here. You may be feeling helpless, as if you are unable to change what life has handed you. This is untrue - you are still in control of your life, and your negative feelings will fade.
XI Tarot page of swords Page of Swords The Page of Swords is ambitious and restless, eager to take on new projects with enthusiasm. Embrace your curiosity but temper it with realistic expectations. Be careful which contracts you sign. The Page of Swords is too hasty, entering freely into projects which do not benefit him. Carefully consider the information you receive in the immediate future. Do not rush into things.
XII Tarot knight of swords Knight of Swords The Knight of Swords cuts through all opposition, striking fast to the heart of the matter. There may be strife in your future. Stay true to your goals and trouble will become a distant memory. The Knight of Swords lacks direction, using his excess energy to lash out blindly at any in his way. Maintain your focus and consider who you may be leaving behind. Now is not the time to abandon plans.
XIII Tarot queen of swords Queen of Swords The Queen of Swords carefully orchestrates her plans, taking every variable into account. Be clear and direct. Do not allow others to muddy the work you've done: you belong at the top. The Queen of Swords can be cruel in her pursuit of truth, ignoring the feelings of others. Take care not to disregard those around you. They may have valuable insight to offer.
XIV Tarot king of swords King of Swords The King of Swords holds complete authority over the mind, using logic to accomplish his goals. Now may be the time to seek expert advice from skilled sources. Trust truth and success is yours. The King of Swords uses his mind to manipulate others, exerting his absolute authority over them. Be wary of those who hide behind their intellect. Eventually they will fall victim to their own games.

Number Card Title Upright Explanation Reversed Explanation
I Tarot ace of wands Ace of Wands Inspiration has struck. If you've been considering a new project, now is the time to start. Embrace your creative energy and turn it into action. Feed the flames of your passion. You are waiting for inspiration, but none has struck. You may feel restless and impatient with your life. Think clearly about what excites you. Find a project that reflects your passions - the rest will come.
II Tarot 2 wands Two of Wands Your plan is in motion. You will soon be ready to embark on a journey into unknown territory. Consider your long term goals, but do not avoid risks. Embrace the beauty of discovery. The future is unknown to you, and this uncertainty has paralyzed you. Step outside of your comfort zone. You are only hindering your own growth by clinging to the familiar.
III Tarot 3 wands Three of Wands It is time to expand your horizons. Your current plans are well on their way to success. Take this time to look for new opportunities to help reach your goals. Prepare to be busy. You may find your plans have been delayed, and you're unable to accomplish what you set out to do. Take a step back and reexamine your long term expectations. There's still time to correct the course.
IV Tarot 4 wands Four of Wands You are entering a new era of stability, surrounded and supported by your family and friends. Celebrate the time you spend with loved ones at home. They are the source of your strength. Domestic life has become a struggle as of late, but do not fear: this strife is temporary. Soon, your tumultuous troubles will settle. Until then, weather the storm with patience.
V Tarot 5 wands Five of Wands Now is your time to shine. Competition tries to beat you down, but victory is within your grasp. Stand your ground, fight for yourself, and you'll come out on top. Trust in your own abilities. Being assertive may not come naturally to you, especially in tense situations where your voice is needed most. Avoiding conflict won't make it go away. Speak up for yourself- you have valuable insight to offer.
VI Tarot 6 wands Six of Wands Your hard work is about to pay off. Well deserved victory and public accolades await you. Don't hide your success from the world. Others can learn much from your accomplishments. Victory is on the horizon, but forces outside your control have delayed the news. Be careful when success arrives that you do not let pride overshadow your achievements.
VII Tarot 7 wands Seven of Wands You may be in a position of power at present, but challengers will come for your throne. Use your authority to defend the interests of everyone, and encourage camaraderie in your ranks. It is easy for one voice to be drowned out under many. You are struggling to be heard in the din. Choose your battles carefully and persevere when you know you can win. Some fights aren't worth the effort.
VIII Tarot 8 wands Eight of Wands Suddenly, all the obstacles in your way have disappeared, and you can clearly see the way forward. Nothing can stop you now. Focus all your energy on the target ahead and let your arrows fly. You feel like you are moving backwards with all the obstacles in your way. Progress seems impossible. Keep going forward. You haven't lost your momentum yet- eventually the path will clear.
IX Tarot 9 wands Nine of Wands Hard work and long hours have seen you into a place of security which will require upkeep to maintain. Establish boundaries but take care not to defend them overmuch. Your position is strong. You may be feeling taken advantage of in your daily life, or like your recent decisions have come under unnecessary fire. This paranoia is in your mind, and it may be keeping you from meeting your goals. Try to trust others.
X Tarot 10 wands Ten of Wands You are close to achieving your goals, but the work is not over. With great success comes great responsibility. Be careful not to take on too many new projects during this time. You will have your hands full. The world keeps heaping more work upon your shoulders, drowning you under the burden. Consider asking trusted colleagues to help relieve some of the pressure you are facing.
XI Tarot page of wands Page of Wands The Page of Wands uses his enthusiasm and communication skills to embark on new ventures. Channel your energy constructively. The world needs visionaries like you, but you must stay focused. The Page of Wands focuses too much on his own misfortune, darkening the day of those around him. Take care not to embrace negativity. It can only get in the way of your goals and perpetuate your misery.
XII Tarot knigt of wands Knight of Wands The Knight of Wands is driven, creative, and single-minded in his pursuit of success. Use your ambition to further a new project. Remember to temper your enthusiasm with planning. The Knight of Wands allows his impulses to control him, rushing forward without concern for consequence. Temper your enthusiasm with patience. Acting without foresight is foolhardy - take time to plan.
XIII Tarot queen of wands Queen of Wands The Queen of Wands is confident in social and professional settings, drawing others into her orbit. Trust in your own vision and drive. You have all the skills to make your dreams reality. The Queen of Wands is stubborn and quick-tempered, easily losing her temper when things don't go her way. Do not let your fire burn those around you with its intensity. Try to take other people's perspectives into account.
XIV Tarot king of wands King of Wands The King of Wands is a natural born leader and a visionary, using his fire and drive to change the world. Use your passion to make intent reality. Others will see the value of your plan and follow your lead. The King of Wands allows his fire to overwhelm him, and burns everything in his path as a result. There is a difference between aggression and enthusiasm. Be careful you do not confuse the two.