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"Oh, darling, don't you worry about that. Just sit back, relax... and let Auntie Tasya take care of everything."
~ Tasya

Tasya is a mysterious character who appears in Portia's route, in Book XI - Justice.


Tasya is a tall statuesque woman with pale skin dotted with moles, wall of red curly hair and smiling blue eyes. Her face consists of sharp bold features, which look surprisingly harmonious together.

Her attire is as luxurious as the woman herself. She wears an elegant teal gown belted with broad golden sash, a rich russet furs and a broad-rimmed heavy decorated hat. Many expensive jewelries glinting on her person, and she keeps a coquettish feather fan always with her.




Portia's Route

Tasya shows up after the recess in Julian's trial, offering her help.


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