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The Arcana A Mystic Romance Trailer

The Arcana A Mystic Romance Trailer

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance is a luxurious and interactive visual story and otome inspired dating sim for iOS and Android. You can choose your own romance and date either Asra, Nadia, Julian, Muriel, Portia or Lucio. The mystery unfurls in 22 segments that correspond to the 22 Major Arcana cards in a Tarot deck.

Mystery Awaits
You are a prodigy of the magical arts, left to your own devices by your wandering mentor. Make choices that shape your story as you fall headfirst into a whirlwind adventure, filled with a colorful cast of characters who all have one thing in common: their interest in you.

Delve deep into the heart of intrigue, and uncover a murder mystery that still hangs over the city like a shroud.

Be careful what secrets you reveal… Yours is not the only fate that hangs in the balance. Magic, romance and mystery await. Who will you choose to love and who will you choose to condemn?

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