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The Hierophant is the fifth of the 22 Major Arcana. The apprentice first sees him in Book XVIII - The Moon of Nadia's route, while he is in a weakened, withered form. He makes his first proper appearance in Book XIX - The Sun, also in Nadia's route.


The Hierophant appears as a humanoid ram with golden eyes. He wears a blue and gold gown with a long white shawl-like garment around his shoulders. He also wears golden jewelry on his head, and holds a gold-rimmed glass of wine.

The shape the apprentice sees them as, the ram-headed Hierophant, is the same as the image on the Hierophant card of Asra's deck.


Since he is one of the major Arcana, he is an archetype, a form of pure and ancient energy in the human subconscious. His archetype is holding tightly onto tradition.

He has an expensive taste, shown by his affinity for gold, as much of his outfit and his realm have golden aspects to it, along with his expansive collection of wine. He also has a collection of raunchy murals in the main building of his realm.