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The High Priestess is the second of the 22 major Arcana in a tarot deck. She first appears in Nadia's route, during chapter 1 of Book XII - The Hanged Man.


The High Priestess appears as a white and black humanoid owl with fathomless red eyes. She is clothed in a speckled white cloak that resembles an owl's wings under a simple lavender dress. The High Priestess also bears a golden headpiece in the shape of the triple goddess. The symbol represents the path of a woman's life from maiden, to mother, to old woman.[1]

The form she takes, the owl-headed High Priestess, is the same as the image on the High Priestess card of Asra's deck.


Since she is one of the major Arcana, she is an archetype, a form of pure and ancient energy in the human subconscious. Her archetype is to guide, a personification of intuition. The High Priestess is gentle, embodying the wisdom her archetype holds, coming off almost motherly to Nadia in how she speaks to Nadia and passes on her wisdom and guidance. Having known Nadia since Nadia's childhood, she notes that Nadia has greatly changed, but it seems she is happy or pleased to see it change. She seems to enjoy Nadia's presence in her realm, and asks that she visit again soon.



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