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If it's answers you seek, you're at the wrong place. If it's more questions, come with me.
~ The Magician

The Magician is the first of the 22 major Arcana in a tarot deck. They appear in Asra's route, during chapter 3 of Book IX - The Hermit, whilst in Asra's gate into the deeper planes of reality, within his mind. They are "the communicator of all magical knowledge, the bridge between humanity and the infinite." They are the voice the apprentice listens to when they draw the card of the same name. Asra has also called them his mentor.


The Magician appears as a humanoid red fox with magenta eyes. They are clothed in primarily red and white draperies. They are not a physical being, and the way they take form comes like pigment in water.

The shape the apprentice sees them as, the fox-headed Magician, is the same as the image on the Magician card of Asra's deck.


Since they are one of the major Arcana, they are an archetype, a form of pure and ancient energy in the human subconscious. Their archetype is being clever and curious. They are versatile, much like a fox. The Magician also loves to play tricks, "especially on new blood". They are confident in how well they think they know Asra, as they likely have known him since Asra made his gate, but it is unknown how long Asra and the Magician have truly known each other.


As a shapeshifter, the Magician can take on many forms. Asra "wonder[s] what form they're going to take to meet you (the apprentice)," before they appear. Besides taking a form that resembles that of a fox, they are shown to take the form of Asra as well, in an attempt to fool the apprentice. For them, "taking shapes is easy magic."