Well! Yes. Yes, I am. I am a worm genius thank you.
~ Vlastomil

Praetor Vlastomil is one of the five members of the Countess' court. He acts as a magistrate of the city-state of Vesuvia. His patron arcana is Justice.


Described as a limp noodle with fancy clothes, Vlastomil is a bony, deathly pale man, clad in black from head to toe. His hair (or what's left of them) is grey and his eyes are pale and discolored like those of a dead man. He wears what appears to be a court dress with a red beetle brooch clasped to the side.

His demonic form resembles his most favourite thing in the whole world - worms. The human form differs little from his devil-bound self, it just has a little more color and a lot less slime.


To say Vlastomil is very keen on worms is an understatement. A "worm genius" by his own accord, he made a deal with the Devil to devote the eternity to his worm-passion. His estate is just one giant vermitarium with multitude of worm statues "decorating" the exterior and myriad of rooms designated as a habitat for worms of all types and sizes. As a side project he has a room for the infamous red beetles as well as a room full of butterflies, the most pleasant of any of his pets.


The Distant Past

Vlastomil bonded with the Devil a very long time ago, several generations in the past. Once a renowned wormologist, Vlastomil traded his soul in exchange for eternal life to study his most beloved children. He hasn't been human for a long time.

Much, much later in his life, he made a deal with a young opportunistic heir to one of the southern tribes Montag, later to be Lucio, to accelerate his rise to power. It's implied that this deal, ultimately left unfinished on Lucio's end, began the spread of the red plague.

Night of The Masquerade

Vlasomil was at the banquet Lucio hosted with the rest of the Court, the Countess, Asra, and Julian on the first night of the Masquerade. They participated in the magical ritual that was meant to replace Lucio's dying body with a new one, although he has no memory of it.


The Apprentice first meet him during the Prologue with the rest of the courtiers when Nadia introduces them to the court. In all the routes he presides over Julian's trial when it comes to that. By his behavior, it's not hard to see he has no idea what the position of a judge consists of.

Nadia's Route

In this route Nadia and the Apprentice get a chance to know Vlastomil and his pets more closely than they possibly wanted. The visit to his estate consists of (obviously) worm wrangling, a very awkward tea party and an increasingly confusing interrogation. Later Vlastomil participates in Valerius' plan to overthrow Nadia's rule to remove her out of the way of the Devil's plans. By the end of the route the Apprentice can free him from his servitude and return him his human appearance to his great distress.


  • Each of the courties was inspired by one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In Vlastomil's case it was Pestilence.


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