Vesuvia is only one small city-state in a larger world. Several other locations are mentioned by name in the game, though little is known about them.

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Annyala Gate

A location near Vesuvia, where Lucio and his band of mercenaries participated in an unknown battle, and Nazali and Julian were working as doctors. Lucio received serious wound and had his arm amputated by Julian.


The Hanged Man's realm reminds Julian of this place. He recalls dognapping the regent's favorite terrier and having an intense sword fight here. It is near a body of water, as Julian says it has a coast.

Crab Isles

The people of the isles are known as Crabmen. Though this name comes from the fact that their livelihood is based primarily on catching the enourmous frost crabs of the Frozen Sea. Further north the name has borne rumors that the Crabmen are half-crab, half-human.


Bordered by Salty Sea on one side and the mountains of Nimbus Fork on the other, Firent is a relatively insular nation ruled by an ancient theocracy. The Papess of Firent is seated on the island of Sirenia; her distrust of outsiders makes trade with Firent difficult, but is said to have saved her country during the years of the Red Plague.


A notoriously secretive place where Mazelinka's quartermaster, Ketos, hails from.


A town targeted by Lucio during one of his military conquests. He murdered the town's mayor after he refused to give the Count's army provision.


A place that exports spices across the Southern Seas.


A humble, salty little town south of Vesuvia, prized for its natural hot springs. When Julian's and Portia's family was shipwrecked by a storm, the people of Nevivon discovered the orphaned children and took them in.


A small desert town that Asra seems to escape to regularly, as he has a house with a bed and tends to the plants there.


The birthplace of Nadia and her sisters, it's a counry of white sand beaches and opalescent waters. Prakra's capital city is located at the center of the Star Lakes.

Port Tremaire

A very rowdy place that Julian once visited.

Sea of Persephia

Nadia's Sea Palace on its breezy coast serves as her escape from the swelting summers of both Prakra and Vesuvia.

Scourge Lands

Life this far south is harsh. Although, several of the tribes of the Scourge Lands consist of hardworking foresters and hunters, some tribes have come to rely on raiding other clans to survive. Lucio's people, once known as the Scourge of the South, were one of the most notorious of such tribes.

Strait of Seals

Julian's and Portia's parents were traveling merchants from lands east of the Strait of Seals.

The Shining Steppe

Muriel's birthplace, is named for the shimmering mirages often seen on its horizons. When sunlight hits the cold air, the ground appears to shiver in scintillating waves. These high plains are home to a number of nomadic tribes, most of which consist of peaceful herders. They rely heavily on their short, sturdy horses.


The pastoral country of Venterre is known for its fine wines and vast, picturesque farmlands.


Homeland of Asra's parents, this is a country where both science and magic are highly respected. Those who combine both disciplines are known as alchemists.

Mentioned Places

  • Blue Mountain Ridge
  • Galbrada
  • Hjalle
  • The Painted Fields


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